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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/20/2003 10:52:36 AM EST
Well i looked around and couldn't find any threads already made for thi, which surprised me, i figured there would be one where everyone was posting what they wrote to their senators and such, well, as i was searching around for info about .50 BMG rifles is tumbled across the Brady super anti-gun website, and saw a thing that asked you to write a leter to the president, the senators and your rep. to oppose S. 659, so i took advantage of thier emailer thing which automatically looks up the senators and reps and allows you to write 1 message and it sends it to all of them, anyways here's what i sent: This is the first time I ever written to any of my representatives, and I believe that this issue is important enough for me to take the time to write to you. Although I’m only 16, and do not keep up on current politics (what 16 year old does?) I feel that is very important to voice my opinion now, since I’ll have to live with the repercussions of the decisions you make now later on in my life. From what I’ve read, I understand that S. 659 (the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act) is a bill that if passed will protect firearm industries from “baseless” lawsuits filed against them by people who are affected by the misuse of their product. The act will also reassert the rights given to us by the Second Amendment, and from my experience this is something that is needed, since many of my peers do not know what the Second Amendment does, if they’ve even heard of it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re pro-gun or anti-gun, it should be obvious to see that something needs to be done about these junk lawsuits meant solely to harm respectable companies, or for personal gains, by exploiting the judicial system. Without this bill passed, millions of people’s jobs will be at the mercy of money hungry lawyers and radical anti-gun activists, not to mention the billions of dollars in activity generate in the economy every year by lawful use of firearms, whether it be the purchasing of firearms and ammunition, or the other expenses of hunting and target shooting. Although there may be legitimate cases where people were injured by firearms due to a defects present in the firearm at the time of manufacture, people who were injured or killed by firearms due to the misuse of the product have no right to try and blame the manufacturer for the injury of death. Of course, I never hear about people suing car manufacturers because someone was killed by a drunk driver, it obvious to see that the cause of the accident was the operators misuse of the vehicle, but there seems to be some sort of misunderstanding that firearms are responsible for killing people. It’s not the firearm, it’s the operator, a firearm is nothing more then a tool, to be used for whatever purpose the operator desires, and if the individual decides to use the firearm for an unlawful purpose, then it is no ones but that individuals responsibility to accept the consequences for their actions. I hope that by voicing my opinion to you that I have made an impact on your decisions, if even a tiny bit. I look forward to seeing the outcome of this decision and hope that it will help to improve my lifes, and the lives of millions of others, as citizens of the United States. Sincerly, (me)
Link Posted: 6/20/2003 11:41:38 AM EST
I am really beginning to side with Ron Paul in opposition to the bill. It would be unconstitutional to grant immunity from lawsuits to one industry under equal protection under the law. What does need to be done is lawsuit reform, where if the plaintiff loses the civil suit they would have to automatically pay for all of the legal costs of the winner. This would discourage alot of the frivolous crap that is going on right now, gun industry or not.
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