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10/20/2017 1:01:18 AM
9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/15/2005 8:24:56 AM EDT
You should all know about this experience I just had. Earlier this week, I e-mailed Senator Paul Sarbanes (Md) asking his opinion of how the hurricane Katrina victims are having their 2nd Admendment rights violated by the State confiscating their weapons. The state has no right under emergency guidelines to CONFISCATE, only to "control and regulate", which I read to mean the sale of weapons.
Knowing he's a gun grabbing Democrap, I wanted his response. I was very polite and professional in my letter, reminding him of his obligation as a US Senator to protect and defend the Constitution, including the 2nd admendment, regardless of his views about the 2nd.
The reply I recieved was a form letter telling me what a hero he is for voting for extra funding to support relief efforts, and never touched the 2nd Admendment issue that I SPECIFICALLY inquired about. I could post a copy of his reply here, but it's two pages of self serving bullshit not addressing the issue at all.
Here is my response to his reply:

Dear Sir, I previously contacted you with my concerns of the violations of Constitutional Rights of the victims of hurricane Katrina. I specifically addressed the 2nd Admendment issue, and how the confiscation of legally owned firearms was a violation of that right.
Under the declaration of a federal Disaster, Louisanna State law affords the state the right to "control and regulate" firearms. It DOES NOT afford the state the right to confiscate said firearms in direct violation of the 2nd Admendment. The reply I recieved from you was what I consider a form letter in regards to relief efforts, and did not address my concern at all. I do not appreciate your skirting the issue. I asked for a specific response to a specific issue. Regardless of your stance on 2nd Admendment issues, you took an oath to defend the Constitution, including the 2nd Admendment, dispite your personal feelings on the issue. At this point in time, the 2nd Admendment is law, and I would appreciate a specific response on your position of what is happening in Louisanna in regard to the afoememtioned 2 Admendment issue. I await your response.

Now, let's see if he responds to a specific question. I'm also awaiting a reply from Barbara Milklusky.
I urge everyone to write their represenitives. It's at least worth finding out who will address the issue and who will chicken out like Sarbanes.
PS also posted in Hometown forum
Link Posted: 9/15/2005 8:35:04 AM EDT
good luck. I will not hold my breath
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