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Posted: 5/8/2001 11:16:29 AM EDT
Hey, there is an interesting article about the Rangers in this month's Popular Mechanics. Two qustions for all you Rangers: In your Battalion, are there "tabbed" Rangers and "un-tabbed" soldiers. The article said that soldiers have to serve for a while after RIP (?) before they go to the Ranger Course. Are the un-tabbed Rangers typically the lower ranking guys? Also, are the Ranger Battalions differentiated into Infantry sub-specialties (Mortars, Anti-tank, etc.) or is there a good amount of cross-training. I'm glad to read that the Army still has some Gung Ho soldiers.
Link Posted: 5/8/2001 11:33:46 AM EDT
Both "tabbed" and "un-tabbed" soldiers are in the units. Everyone has to go through Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP) first. They want to make sure you are capable of working with the unit. You train with your unit(and are deployable) until they are sure you will pass school/and a slot opens up. Generally speaking, soldiers who have not been to school are lower ranking. There are some transfers, etc., that bring in higher ranking folks. Everyone starts with at least one specialty, but usually ends up with several MOS's, not just in the Infantry series. There is a high degree of cross training.
Link Posted: 5/8/2001 11:34:25 AM EDT
Before you get to Battalion you must go through R.anger I.ndoctrination P.rogram that basically weeds out the weak. When you get to Bat you go through OJT learning all the skills you need to accomplish the mission. After time usually no less than 6 months and depending on who is ahead of you, you go to Pre-Ranger where they teach the skills needed to get through Ranger School. Goto Ranger School. Pass. Go back to Battalion. Prepare and rehearse missions. that is life in the Battalion. The general rule is E-4 and below are untabbed, until you goto ranger school. Can't get make Sergeant as 11B (Infantry) without Tab. There are soft skills (supply, cook, clerk, mechanic, NBC NCO) that don't "have" to have their Tabs for promotion but they are generally looked down upon and end up going because that is what you do when you are in Battalion. Hope that answers your questions, it may have changed a little since I was in. Battalion born, Battalion bred, When I die, I'll be battalion dead. Cco 1/75 92-96
Link Posted: 5/8/2001 11:42:24 AM EDT
Hey techranger, how do you like the new tan hat idea? Hooah!
Link Posted: 5/8/2001 11:52:00 AM EDT
I don't like it, but there is no way Gen. Shinseki will reverse his decision. At least Rangers will continue to have a seperate color from the Army of one.
Link Posted: 5/8/2001 2:49:18 PM EDT
Something to add. Don't ever say that someone in BN that is not "tabbed" is not a Ranger. The Ranger Scroll makes you a REAL Ranger, not the Tab. "Ranger Tab is an award, Ranger Scroll is a way of life." You can be Ranger "qualified" i.e. have a tab but not be in BN and you are not a Ranger in my book. Same goes for the non-tabbed guys that are in BN, they are REAL Rangers if they wear the Scroll. Trivial but had to say it. Oh yea, and just because you made five jumps with your eyes closed at BAC dosen't make you a Paratrooper either, just a five jump chump.
Link Posted: 5/8/2001 3:26:31 PM EDT
I am not a Ranger. I am really sorry that they will have to go to tan beret. I hate that I will have to were a Black Beret. I can tell you from the way I feel and after talking to lots of other Soldiers the Black Beret is not good for the Army. I say let the Rangers Keep the Black Beret for themselves. They EARNED it the hard way. I can think of lots of ways the Army could have spent that money. Thats my 2 cent's worth.
Link Posted: 5/8/2001 3:57:00 PM EDT
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Link Posted: 5/8/2001 6:12:16 PM EDT
The damn flash on the new black berets look very much like something the UN would wear. It's a light blue with 13 stars. Kinda disturbing... Aviator
Link Posted: 5/8/2001 6:32:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/8/2001 6:35:53 PM EDT by DoorKicker]
Originally Posted By BrodowskiTJ: What gives you the right to make that statement? The Tab is not "awarded" to anyone. It takes nearly 2 months of getting your ass kicked in to get that tab. Everyone who dawns the gold and black tab has the right to be called RANGER. You telling me the ssgt in the 82nd who is tabbed isnt a real airborne ranger? You are a moron for believing this "Door Kicker Something to add. Don't ever say that someone in BN that is not "tabbed" is not a Ranger. The Ranger Scroll makes you a REAL Ranger, not the Tab. "Ranger Tab is an award, Ranger Scroll is a way of life." " /////////////////////////////////////////////// Sorry, but you and I both know that you are only Ranger qualified, which is a fine accomplishment in itself, but not an actual Ranger. Just as all the ROTC cadidiates that go make their five night water jumps(eyes closed and wet their pants) are not Paratroopers, but are only Airborne qualified. You should take your head out of your ass and check before you call someone a moron. If you are a Ranger, and they called the REAL Rangers to war, i.e. deployed one of the BN's, I suppose they would call you up to join them since you are a real Ranger? Also, if you WERE a real Ranger, you would know the origin of that statement that I put in quotes, and not question me for saying it. Do you even know what a Ranger Scroll is?
Link Posted: 5/8/2001 7:37:58 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/8/2001 8:23:27 PM EDT
Hey BrowdowskiTJ go check out this site TF Ranger pics. http://members.home.net/rmcash375/ Was your Real Ranger Ass there? I didn't think so Moron!! Look close and you might see something else too.
Link Posted: 5/8/2001 9:31:00 PM EDT
Originally Posted By techranger: I don't like it, but there is no way Gen. Shinseki will reverse his decision. At least Rangers will continue to have a seperate color from the Army of one.
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SHITINSKI is the generals name FASHION is the generals game SOUND OFF! one two three four SOUND OFF!
Link Posted: 5/8/2001 10:55:02 PM EDT
Originally Posted By oneshot1kill: The Army puts too many labels on things. That is half the problem with the armed forces.
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Umm what the hell else you gonna do for a person that is in the most dangerous profession known to man? Give him money? Those "labels" are a sense of history and honor. A Marine leaves boot camp knowing what every symbol he wears means. They have it over the Army in that respect. Jack
Link Posted: 5/9/2001 12:07:00 AM EDT
I think Door kicker may have a point. I had an ROTC instructor in college that was a CO in Ranger bat. He is tabbed out, but when he told old stories, he would say, "Back when I was a Ranger" reffering to when he was in Battalion..
Link Posted: 5/9/2001 1:18:23 AM EDT
Sorry to get involved, but the beret which started with the airborne,was always with the aireborne,the beret was always associated with airborne was black, the color of tan or maroon is crazy. The real people that do the job are the ones that don't need to try to figure each other as far as colors. They know.
Link Posted: 5/9/2001 6:02:40 AM EDT
Let me get this straight, if you are a Ranger who has been assigned to some other unit, say Recruiting Duty, you are not allowed to call yourself a "Ranger." Pardon my confusion. What exactly is a "tab" by the way?
Link Posted: 5/9/2001 6:15:32 AM EDT
Gus a tab is the cresent shaped patch that says Ranger. Ascroll is a Ranger BN which offers a higher degree of constant training. If you pass Ranger school most will earn a tab, if there is slots available and you were in the top of your class and you hav a MOS that is needed then you might be invited to join a ranger BN. Scrolled Rangers are better trained than tabbed ones only because of the constant training they go through. techrangers answer is right on and door kicker is right also. Hey techy=2/75 , 84-86
Link Posted: 5/9/2001 6:21:06 AM EDT
Link Posted: 5/9/2001 6:22:36 AM EDT
What about this. Go through jump school, PIR, go to one of the BN's, spend 6-8 months there LEARNING how to be a Ranger, get a slot for Ranger School, graduate, get tabbed go back to BN and then you are considered a full fleged Ranger. As an Officer, punch a Ranger School ticket and go back to your regular unit -- real Ranger, no way! The longer your a Ranger in BN.(and tabbed) the better warrior you are, the closer you form a life long bond with your fellow Rangers.
Link Posted: 5/9/2001 6:26:51 AM EDT
Rich314, It just don't work that way, the drop out rate was too great so you go to BN first then Ranger School. All graduates get Tabbed! And all enlisted go back to BN. unless they never came from one of the BN's and are just ticket punchers.
Link Posted: 5/9/2001 8:41:11 AM EDT
Red. I dont doubt you and have seen the rules change, thus my reluctance to answer these posts. Thats how it worked for me. Also I saw some folks that made the cut but were not given the tab. Some folks are given a choice when they grad. Honor platoon, hawkeye, honor cadet. I know of another fella that went straight to the UN forces from Ranger school. I had a mos that was very new and in demand and given an option that landed me in that unit. I also speek spanish and that was a asset they were looking for at the time.I wont go into any more here on the net, but you should know nothing is written in stone in the Army. Again, I know you are right and was only offering what my experiences were. I aint alone either. All of my squad looked latin and spoke spanish. Check the date I posted and do some thinking with a map.
Link Posted: 5/9/2001 8:43:52 AM EDT
Garand Shooter- nope, it`s a big unit spread very thin, From that unit and that time there are folks from Washington state, panama, germany, not to mention the south US
Link Posted: 5/9/2001 6:41:51 PM EDT
I think you guys are starting to get the picture. A lot of things have changed in the Ranger BN's and in Special Operations comminuty since their individual conception. BrodowskiTJ, I don't mean any disrespect, I am sure you are proud of your Tab, as well you should be. The 82ND Airborne Div is no joke. I never had the honor of serving there, but was down the street, on Yadkin road(you know where), and I have much respect for the 82ND.
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