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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/17/2002 4:50:35 PM EST
Posted this on a thread at 1911 forum. Maybe I can get an answer here. My wife's father and uncles were in the services during Vietnam. My dad-in law in the army stationed in Korea DMZ, one uncle in the Marines and the other Navy, both in Vietnam. Now, here's a question I can't get a straight answer on from her uncle. He(the navy vet) was in Vietnam during the war. Great guy, has a room with lots of memorabilia from past and present Navy. He has some certificates framed with the SEAL trident emblem on them, a few that have UDT on them and BUDS also. He is closing on 60 years old. Now you might be saying so what. I always ask him what he did or what his rating was. I'm prior Navy but know nothing of what I see at his house. He never gives me a concise reply. Always the ..."we did some patrols on a few rivers blah, blah, blah." He has tons of pics of riverboats and he and his buddies all decked out in camo with lots of hardware etc. So I gawk and gaze. I figure he was an EOD or something. So next time we go visit he breaks out the photo album. He's got pics with Navy brass out the wazoo. He has pics with him Zumwalt too. Now this is all dated stuff. Then he gets out more pics. He shows me pics of he and his wife on one of those bad assed spiffed up cigarette boats with the .50's and he's driving it with a bunch of decked out dudes with lots of hardware. Some other pics with he and a bunch of SEALS hamming it up. One with him shooting the .50 a few with him shooting what looks like an M4 but no stepped barrel relief for grenade launcher. These are from a few summers ago. So I ask what his deal was in the war and how he gets access to this stuff. Same runaround. He breaks out more pics. He's in uniform at a dinner with a bunch of high ranking brass last year in Washington. So my dad-in-law tells me afterward that his brother gives lectures to military brass the subject of which nobody outside that group knows. Now I'm really curious. So he's in for a visit and he stops by the apt. Actually he was in town for my wife's grandfather's(his dad) funeral. I was at work but he knows I have a few pistols and rifles so he asks my wife to show him the AR-15's and the 1911. So at the veiwing he gets real into the whole 1911 discussion with me and the M-16 thing too. He was real into the whole scene and he knows his weapons. So I'm figuring he not your regular squid. So I pry a little more but still get the old run around. He explains his military contacts as old war buddies that stayed in etc. Now my question is. How the hell or why the hell does an enlisted Navy who was officially discharged over twenty-five years ago, who works in a auto plant, who has personal dealings with senior military officials, has access to new and fun military hardware, still on occasion wears the uniform, do all of this? By the way the seal trident is visible on his more recent pics of him. But he never mentions he being a seal member. Any thoughts? I tell my wife he must have been some kind of covert assasin or something. Even my dad-in-law can't figure it out. What gives? I'm not making this up. The guy is a vague as an evening mist when it comes to specifics but can give a detailed review on almost any military small arm you can think of. I can't see why all the diversion.
Link Posted: 4/17/2002 7:27:15 PM EST
Seeing how this is an unsecured form of communication, I'm sure the Black Helio's are hovering around your house as we speak. See the SUV across the street, 3 houses down? How about the guy that keeps walking his dog? I know it's cliche, but If I told you, I'd have to kill you. [:D] The green goose has taken the worm to the henhouse, repeat...the green goose....
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