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Posted: 5/24/2001 10:35:02 AM EDT
[url]www.ccops.org/alert20010524.html[/url] May 24, 2001 One-Term George, Take Two! by L. Neil Smith lneil@ezlink.com Exclusive to The Libertarian Enterprise http://www.webleyweb.com/tle/ I got a message the other day with the subject, "W. Wimps Out". It seems that despite election results and other events that would push a brighter individual the opposite way, Republican President George Bush is about to give the victim disarmament industry several things they want. I don't know why this should come as a surprise to anybody. When Bush visited my home state, Colorado, during the recent campaign, he stood beside Socialist ... er, Republican Bill Owens, a particularly odious specimen dubbed "Governor Gungrabber" by anyone who cares about the Second Amendment in this state, declaring that he supports Owens' antigun legislative agenda, which includes shutting down gun shows, registering (maybe even banning) private sales between individuals, and forcing gun owners to lock their weapons up where they won't pose a threat to his moral and spiritual kin, the muggers, rapists, and burglars. Even that wasn't much of a surprise. Bush had pushed nearly the same agenda in his home state, although certain gun activists -- those who've lost the point of the Second Amendment and thrown their lot in with the National Rifle Association and its openly illegal bonnet-bees Project Exile and instant background checks -- didn't want to discuss it. They preferred to crow about the Texas governor's enthusiasm for licensed concealed carry, believing (or at least claiming) that it's a pro-gun measure. It is not. It's precisely the same idea as New York's infamous Sullivan Act, one of the first victim disarmament laws in US history. Not only does such a law create a public registry of gun owners -- and often their guns -- it collects photographs, fingerprints, and Social Security numbers, and forces gun owners to undergo intolerable physical and psychiatric probing, not to mention hours of expensive statist indoctrination at their own expense, a point hardly lost on certain bloodsucking mercantilists wetting their camouflaged pants in anticipation of being able to furnish said indoctrination for a hefty fee. "Ah," said Huey Long, "but we will call it anti fascism." Almost 30 years ago, the great libertarian writer and lecturer Robert LeFevre showed me the real nature and function of Republicans. They're Socialist Party "B". Whenever you get turned off by the vomitous cannibalism of the Democrats, and determined to resist, in charges the second string to finish their work for them, calming you down, helping you adjust, making you feel grateful you're about to be mugged, raped, and robbed by "goodguys" instead of those despicable "badguys".
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 10:35:44 AM EDT
(continued) Governor Gungrabber, for instance, recently held a special session of the legislature because it "failed", during the regular gangbang, to pass acceptable measures to "responsibly manage growth", a phrase Lenin would have been proud of. In other words, for whatever reason, they acted in a moral and legal manner (show me where the Constitution lets them to tell me what I can do with my own property) and the vile wad of Republican phlegm in the governor's office reacted by having them arrested and confined until they consented to do the evil bidding of whatever masters he serves. Happily, they never could agree on how to ravage the property rights of Coloradoans, and the special session ended T.S. Eliotly, not with a bang but with a petulant collectivist whimper. The President's no different. He's spent most of his term, so far, working on proposals that would bring Gus Hall and Norman Thomas back to life and set the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves. The idea, for example, that the government is about to become a drugstore for the poisonously parasitic New Deal generation is just plain putrid. Now I assume, because George III (after his wimpy old man and the guy with wooden teeth) has no discernable principles and stands for no uniquely American value he's ever bothered to tell us about, that he's doing all this stuff because he wants to get reelected in 2004 and he wants his party to fare better than it looks like they're about to in 2002. If so, his handlers should keep three things in mind for him: First, his extremely narrow (if not actually negative) margin in 2000; Second, the fact that Waco Willie Clinton himself attributed the defeat of his own flatulent handpuppet (as well as the 1994 Republican "revolution", although not many observers seemed to notice it) to gun owners; Third, another demonstrated fact, that libertarians, although they can't ever win elections themselves, can easily determine in close campaigns like his own, whether the winner will be a Republican or a Democrat. To summarize: George III and his minions won because -- and only because -- of gun owners and libertarians. Are you listening George? Then imagine what will happen if libertarians work together against you. It can be arranged. And there's only one way in which it can be prevented. Enforce the Bill of Rights. To begin with, if you want to survive politically, stop listening to the Second Amendment quislings and fifth-columnists you seem to think represent gun owners, the ones your party bought and paid for and that Democrats like to use as punching bags in the leftist mass media.
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 10:36:25 AM EDT
(continued) Enforce the Bill of Rights. The National Rifle Association no longer speaks for me. Nor did it ever have my leave to bargain away my unalienable, individual, civil, Constitutional, and human right to obtain, own, and carry, openly or concealed, any weapon, rifle, shotgun, handgun, machinegun, anything, any time, any place, without asking anyone's permission -- now, not even in exchange for the benevolent government providing us with glorious utopian Xanadulike shooting ranges or other socialist sops. Enforce the Bill of Rights. The same goes for the state rifle and pistol association and all the rest of the NRA's various tentacles out across Flyover Country. In my experience, you could exchange Wayne LaPierre for Sarah Brady in the middle of the night and nobody would ever notice the difference. I support Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership -- and to give you an idea of who you're dealing with here, Gun Owners of America is on probation with me just now, until they prove to me that they're not planning to bend over and grab their ankles in the time- honored NRA tradition. Enforce the Bill of Rights. Now, before you ask me just who the hell I think I am -- are you listening, George? -- I'm one of the individuals who decided last year that, for its cowardice and treachery in signing Waco Willie's Second Amendment suicide pact, Smith and Wesson had to be punished. A year later, its retail sales cut in half by our boycott, S&W has been sold for about 15% of its former value to an Arizona company with only five employees. What if gun owners boycotted Republicans while libertarians ran against them? Yes, I hear you blubbering. I know that would put the Democrats back in office. It's up to you, George, to prove to me that it makes any difference where my rights are concerned.. From where I've stood for the past 40 years, it's six of one and half a dozen of the other. There's an easy way out. Enforce the Bill of Rights. Before the 2002 election, simply repeal, nullify, or otherwise dispose of every gun law passed, promulgated, or shoved up our kazoos -- mostly by Republicans like Brady Bill-Bob Dole -- during your father's term or that of Waco Willie, especially the assault on semiautomatic weapons and the insane magazine limit. Good faith tries don't count. Your party of crooks, cretins, and cowards used up any good faith I might have had long ago. Get it done or get an honest job. Enforce the Bill of Rights. Before the 2004 election, the 1968 Gun Control Act has to go. Enforce the Bill of Rights. And if you care about your party, then before 2006, the gun laws passed under false pretenses in the 1930s have to be gotten rid of, too. Enforce the Bill of Rights. If you're not up to it, then I'll happily separate gun owners from the Republican Party and help the Libertarian Party make sure that you and yours never violate your oath to uphold the Constitution ever again. Enforce the Bill of Rights. No bargaining, no negotiation. Enforce the Bill of Rights. Or let the GOP join S&W.
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 10:47:55 AM EDT
Un-friggin believable; the guy wins the election thanks to gun owners (as even Slick Willie said) and he's still gonna s**t all over us, just great[:(!]
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 10:47:55 AM EDT
That was a bunch of long winded bullshit...
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 10:49:49 AM EDT
let's cut & paste this to W and see what happens?
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 11:09:10 AM EDT
Originally Posted By Dirk Pitt: That was a bunch of long winded bullshit...
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The truth hurts real bad, doesn't it?
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 11:30:39 AM EDT
Why not??? If the boycott worked with S&W,It could also work with the Repubs and Democraps. If "W" signs anymore antigun legislation, we boycott and vote Libertarian. CrossEyed [sniper]
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 12:31:55 PM EDT
Ya, like the Libertarians could get a dog catcher elected much less the President of the United States. Voting Libertarian is giving a vote to the Democraps. Spliting the vote is how that dickhead Clinton got in office and he was real good for country wasn't he? [sniper]
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 12:38:05 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Dirk Pitt: Ya, like the Libertarians could get a dog catcher elected much less the President of the United States. Voting Libertarian is giving a vote to the Democraps. Spliting the vote is how that dickhead Clinton got in office and he was real good for country wasn't he? [sniper]
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I am sure you have proof that there are no Libertarians in elected office or you wouldn't have said that right? Smith is right on the money with his article. I have been researching/observing the political direction this country has been heading for the past 13 years as BOTH a democrat and republican. The ONLY thing that they are concerned with is staying in power and the Constitution/Bill of Rights is just a bargaining tool to be sold off in exchange for votes or kickbacks. No wonder gun control has reached the point it has. Too many people with their heads in the sand.
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 12:43:47 PM EDT
Your right about that! The way I see it it's the less of two evils. However, think about what we could do as voters if people would get off there ass and vote.
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 12:51:21 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 1:27:29 PM EDT
If you want to claim that voting Libertarian just gets Democrats elected, you are right and you are wrong. Voting your beliefs (as opposed to the lesser evil) sends a very clear message to the powers that be. It makes them realize they can not take you for granted. It alerts them to the possibility that they will lose. If all Libertarians (and Republicans who lost faith) had voted for Bush there would be no soul-searching by Naderites, BECAUSE BUSH WOULD HAVE CREAMED GORE!!!! The Democrats realize that Nader cost them the White House, and are making noises about appealing to his supporters. But the stupid Republicans have not yet figured out that they lost the popular vote and the previous 2 elections because of 3rd parties. If they have realized it they don't care, which means we are right, and if they have not realized it they are not worthy of our support. Bush Sr. would have won a second term but for his pandering to the left. You can't take sovereign citizens for granted, it only works for stupid, lazy and corrupt "citizens". You can't "buy" the vote of people who believe in freedom. Madkiwi
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 4:31:57 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 4:34:23 PM EDT
It's as if there is some disease in "DC" that mekes a man become a Socialist. I'm afraid I'm seeing it happen before my eyes.
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 4:57:26 PM EDT
With losing control of the Senate and now this crap, I feel like gun-owners are losing ground. I don't agree with everything "W" does or everything the NRA does, but the alternatives are not pretty. We have to unite and not divide. I agree with Libertarians as much or more than I do with Republicans, but as much as people hate to hear it, a vote for Libertarian is a vote for Democraps. If everyone in Florida who voted for Harry Browne had voted for Bush instead, there never would have been the recount fiasco. Look how close that gun-grabbing commie Al Gore came to winning the Presidency. It's scary as hell. We must stick together! Until "W' signs on for a gun ban or mandatory (internal)trigger locks or licensing & registration I will support him. We just went from an administration that didn't believe the 2nd guaranteed us the right to own firearms to one that does. That is a big step.
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 5:02:18 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 5:16:43 PM EDT
I agree in opinion with what Smith says here. I don't think...no...I know that what he wants in this article is IMPOSSIBLE. He knows it, we all know it. Now, with that aside, let me say on a sad note that the idea of all gun owners boycotting Bush has a slim to nill chance at best, and all gun owners going to vote for freedom is not going to happen. I volunteer, I write, I call my reps, blah blah blah, but it ain't happenin. As Imbroglio would say, "The republic is lost." I think you may be right.
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 5:32:56 PM EDT
please do not call Mr. Smith a Libertarian. he hasnt done anything to wrong you, and you shouldnt throw insults like that. you see in his article that when referring to fellow, like minded people, he calls them libertarians. it is not the same thing. Mr. Smith, like his friends, is libertarian, and not a Libertarian.
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 5:58:56 PM EDT
I always knew to keep my guard up about him. I was always wary about him. Alan Keyes is the man. Like paspecops said, it'll take a real revolution to set this country back on track.
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 6:38:38 PM EDT
You guy still don't get it, do you? They aren't going to enforce the BOR or restore freedom to any of us. Bush winning the presidency is just a blip. So we fall into the pit of hell at 50mph instead of 60mph, we're still falling into the pit of hell! Look around--we get a federal tax cut and the states jump right in and raise taxes in the meantime. The net effect is zero, nothing. Rep. Ron Paul is a libertarian. Just because he didn't run as one doesn't make him any less of one. Look at that idiot from Vermin, I mean Vermont--not much of a Republican. One true libertarian and probably a few others with some notion of what it means to be a true statesman. That's it! The only way to win back our freedom is by force of arms. Not many have the stomachs for that...yet.
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 6:41:17 PM EDT
Comments like those from Stubbs about reclaiming the Constitution being impossible are the reason this Republic is lost. No flame at you personally, Stubbs, just your ideas. And the sad thing is these comments and frame of thought come from someone who is allegedly "pro-gun". With friends like these, right? I too am of the opinion that it will take a revolution to reclaim what is ours by birth. The antis know this and hope to disarm as many of those who would participate in this revolution as possible. Their mistake is that they underestimate what one gun owner with faith and conviction of belief can and will do. "A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague." --Cicero in a speech to the Roman Senate, as recorded by Sallust
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 6:53:44 PM EDT
If a party can depend on your vote, they will do nothing for you. The Republicans in Colorado did not give us concealed carry and this year they lost the State Senate they have held for decades because of Libertarian voters. The Republicans must do stuff to win our votes. If they continue to be moderate Democarats, they will lose my vote.
Link Posted: 5/24/2001 7:25:50 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Dirk Pitt: That was a bunch of long winded bullshit...
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Dirk, you poor gullible misguided fool; You don't even realize how brainwashed your thinking is! Open your eyes and see what is here. Hard times are coming and all you can do is pooh pooh it. [spank]
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