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Posted: 10/4/2005 10:51:04 PM EDT

* Releasing it with only four maps was incredibly lame. There is a term for games released with only four maps: Demo! If they needed time to churn out more maps and add the British team they should've taken it.

* I don't understand why they removed so many good weapons. I miss the grease gun.

* The MG42 takes longer to heat up and it isn't as accurate as it was in DOD. The MG34 was in the game for a good reason. It let the player choose between an incredibly high fire rate and a lower fire rate, abeit with slightly less accuracy and the need to reload more often. The ability to deploy the gun on almost any horizontal surface is great- probably the best improvement they've made.

* The rifle grenades are neat, but not really necessary. They're a ripoff of the rifle grenades in BF1942. The German rifle grenade is brightly colored, so it is easy to spot and run away from. I guess they added them to make up for all the cool weapons they deleted.

* Bullet strikes now produce a realistic amount of vision-obscuring debris. This is good.

* Removing the tripod from the BAR makes no sense. And the selector switch doesn't work like the real thing. On a real BAR it switches between different rates of full auto fire- not between full auto and semi-automatic.

* They've fooled around with the Garand and K98K until they both have almost the same rate of effective fire. The Garand recoils so much that one can't really fire it any faster than the K98k.

* It is a lot harder to tell friend from foe at a distance. Most of the servers I visit have already turned off friendly fire because of this.

The new graphics engine is of course nifty. But I don't see anything in DODS that makes me sit back and say WOW. They'd better start releasing newly converted maps and new maps soon if they don't want a boatload of complains to pop up in the official DOD forums. I guess I'll keep playing. It is certainly better than the intricate click-fest Hell of BF2.


Link Posted: 10/6/2005 5:43:29 PM EDT
I like the game but it needs a lot of improvement.
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