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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/22/2001 7:05:10 AM EST
22/45 First time disassembly...clean and attempt to reassemble. Pistol is in a jammed state, with main spring housing unable to close and unable to open again. Any hints...please? Pistol is completely reassembled and screwed up.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 7:23:36 AM EST
Congratulations. You are the one millionth person to have disassembled a Ruger .22 and not been able to get it back together. Break down and take it to a 'smith ..... don't even bother to act sheepish; he's seen dozens of you.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 8:11:05 AM EST
Don't take it to a gunsmith, you'll just waste your money. The "trick" to re-assembling a Ruger .22 pistol is to return it to the same state as [b][i]before[/i][/b] takedown. Before the mainspring assembly can be removed, the hammer has to be down, i.e. in the fired position. After the mainspring assembly has been removed, the bolt is next removed from the receiver. As the bolt is removed, the hammer is drawn back into the cocked position. When re-assembling, install the bolt. Now, here's where it's good to pay attention. [b]Return the hammer to the down or fired position. Since there is no spring tension on the hammer at this point, hold the trigger back and point the pistol down until the hammer is observed dropping. Once the hammer has been verified to have been placed into the fired position, re-install the mainspring assembly. When re-installing the mainspring assembly, make note of the recessed area in the top of the assembly. The hammer stirrup (the little dangly thing at the base of the hammer) needs to go here. As the mainspring assembly is inserted into the receiver, ensure that the hammer stirrup is guided into the recessed area.[/b] Complete inserting the mainspring assembly and call it done. No need to wring your hands or leave your pistol laid up at a "gunsmith's" place of business. As to not being able to disassemble right now, exactly what seems to be the problem? Sometimes the takedown lever can be overly stiff when re-assembled incorrectly. If that's the case, use the tip suggested in the owner's manual and modify a paperclip to draw out the takedown lever.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 8:25:34 AM EST
more details, the mainspring take down lever assembly is sticking out the rear of the grip. I can not get it to lock in or to come back out. I have wondered if I should just press the pins aout the grip and release the tigger assembly and other internals and the rebuild the whole thing. I meant to mispeel trigger......bouncy,bouncy
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 8:29:29 AM EST
Gawd no! Don't do that! Just pull out on the take down lever & it'll come out. As Jim Dandy said, they're a little stiff when they're new. Once you see the "trick" you'll slap your forehead it's so simple.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 8:35:41 AM EST
DO NOT F*** WITH THE RUGER'S TRIGGER ASSEMBLY!!!! I won't get into the why and where fors right now, just don't do it. Don't attempt any other disassembly outside of the mainspring assembly, it won't help you. After retrieving my MKII Target Model from the safe, the only thing that I can see is that the takedown lever may not be fully unfolded. It doesn't have to be off by much, but if it isn't fully unfolded you'll never get it out of the grip frame.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 8:51:10 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/22/2001 8:48:15 AM EST by hound]
And people do not understand why I think this is the Only Reason the web was invented---AR-15.com news, sports, porn and more. I will try to press down on the Pin sticking out of the receiver later....maybe if I hit it hard enough, I can get that assembly back out and start over....steps 6 through 9 again....
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 8:58:04 AM EST
So at this point you've been able to unfold the mainspring assembly to the point of removal, correct? If so, just go ahead and drop the hammer as instructed and follow the re-assembly questions and your pistol will be back in action. As to the takedown pin on the mainspring assembly that locks the receiver to the grip frame, these can be stiff when new. Just apply steady downward pressure on the mainspring assembly. Don't "punch out" anything. You may [b][i]LIGHTLY[/i][/b] tap the top of the pin with a small plastic mallet. I mean [b][i]LIGHTLY[/i][/b].
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 9:00:29 AM EST
P.S. If you're satisfied with your cleaning job, there's really no need to comletely remove the mainspring assembly all over again.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 9:05:37 AM EST
man Jim you are more helpful than a 5-gallon bucket of WD-40. The main spring assembly will not go far enough in to latch and it seems to be bound and doesn't want to come out...I will try again and we will revisit this on Tuesday...
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 9:16:13 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/22/2001 9:11:04 AM EST by Jim_Dandy]
It sounds as though the hammer has been placed in a partially cocked position causing significant tension on the mainspring. It is nigh impossible to overcome while re-assembling and disassmbling. Hold the trigger back and point the pistol towards the floor and shake if necessary. Getting the hammer back into the down position is so important. Reassemble according to the posted instructions. When re-assembling with the hammer and stirrup in correct positions, there will be some light resistance on the mainspring assembly as it is folded in. This is due to the mainspring being slightly compressed by the stirrup and is completely normal.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 9:24:05 AM EST
since you mentioned revisiting steps 6-9, i'm thinkin gyou must have the manual there. true? i'd encourage you to keep looking at it and comparing the pictures. there is no need to take it to a smith as it sounds as if the problem is w reassembly and the hammer position. it took me ahwile to get my ruger figured out that way, but once i worked through it, it became pretty simple.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 9:35:47 AM EST
I've got the manual and I was following the instructions on http://www.ontargetguns.com/ also and I still hosed it up...I wish it was like the ruger P95......easy
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 9:41:05 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/22/2001 9:36:08 AM EST by Jim_Dandy]
I just read the instructions from [url]http://www.ontargetguns.com/striptip.html[/url], but they're really written as though they're going to be read by another gunsmith. It's not a difficult pistol, just don't rush in and give up too quickly. Just follow the posted instructions from here and you'll be an expert in no time at all.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 9:57:28 AM EST
Well I guess it's like the first time for everything...."Is this the part I am supposed to ?????" At least guns don't scream "wait I'm not finished yet"
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 10:00:15 AM EST
At least guns don't scream "wait I'm not finished yet"
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Only if you've been sniffing too much Hoppe's. Post back with an update on this.
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 11:18:51 AM EST
Where in Texas are you? If you still can't get it apart, and you are in the DFW area, you can use mine as a reference if it helps. I don't think I have ever had it stick even the several times I have assembled it wrong. It should come out enough to pull it apart again.
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 6:15:14 AM EST
Well good morning, Yes I live in DFW just south of DFW airport update on pistol.....I got everything out....it wasn't easy. And while I was wrenching on the thing I broke the pin that holds the hammer.. but that freed up the mechanism and I was able to get the mainspring assembly out and remove the bolt. Now I have to get another pin and reassemble.
Link Posted: 10/23/2001 7:08:54 AM EST
And while I was wrenching on the thing I broke the pin that holds the hammer..
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WTF?! How'd that happen? Get on the horn to Ruger at 1-800-424-1886 and they may just give you another pin free of charge.
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