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Posted: 8/5/2001 4:05:36 AM EDT
Eh Gents, It's nice to see this website has come a long way. I'm one of the original group that kept some interest alive in the ar15.com message list and digest from a couple of years back. Any one else from back then still around? rambo? Chuck? Others? I've been missing for a while...as they say, join the Navy, see the world. :) In keeping with shooting content though, can anyone suggest a way to make an HBAR shoot better groups than 2" at 100m? (Yes, it's already free-floated) Brad
Link Posted: 8/12/2001 10:24:26 PM EDT
Hello Coffee, I've been a lurker for years, but only started posting in the last couple of years(since the old site went down). Post this question in the General Discussion forum or better yet in the Build it Yourself forum. You'll get better and more knowledgeable answers there. Barrels that are chrome lined and have a milspec chamber wear better and are the most reliable. A custom Stainless or chromemoly barrel would be more accurate, but they wear faster and are more finicky. There are much more knowledgable people here than me. You might also consider a custom match trigger action. With time at the range you should be able to tighten your group with the HBAR anyways. There are a few excellent books on accurizing the AR15 you would do well in acquiring. "The Black Rifle" by John Feamster available from Precision Shooting, "The Mousegun" by Zediker, and "The Tactical Marksman" by Dave Lauck (I believe that's his name). All of of them should be available from Paladin Press or any quality gun book mail order company. Hope this helps.
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