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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/13/2006 6:56:13 PM EST
I carpool to school with a girl I work with. She was worried about walking to school from her car, and she wanted a guy to walk with her. She is a tall (5' 11"?) and blonde (she can act like it too), but good looking . She picked me because I am 6' 2" and can be intimidating (I am not, but I'm not turning down riding with her).
It was dark out and we were walking to the car and I made a comment about someone jumping out at us. Being the blond she is, she gets out her mace. As we aproach my car she asks me if i have seen how far that stuff spays. I said that I had not and did not really want to because it was dark.
To late, she sprayes it in front of her self and then walks into the mist. I had to walk her to the car and then drive home as usual. All the while she was laughing at herself and crying like her mother just died. A half hour later I dropped her off at her car. All her makup was running down her face and her eye shadow made it look as if she had too black eyes. To make the story better, she got pulled over on her way home. She had been in a ride alonge program with the local cops. When they reallized who she was and heard her story they let her off with a warning.

She will never be able to forget that one.
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