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Posted: 12/30/2002 1:04:18 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 1:05:44 PM EDT
Well done!
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 1:06:45 PM EDT
"People who are not prepared for violence are helpless when violence is used against them."

-Alexsandr Solhenyitzen
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 1:13:30 PM EDT
Nice guys finish last.  Time to quit being so nice!
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 2:38:22 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 2:41:34 PM EDT
Posting this on the wrong site... send it over to DU.
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 3:20:38 PM EDT
Certainly no one claims that there were no bad things done to jews, but Schindler's list is Fiction.  Schindler was a real POS.  I have heard women that he "helped" talk of how you could join his harem if you were young and pretty, otherwise you better have some money if you wanted anything from him.  There are several sources for his bio.  You really should not think that he was more than he was.  Even the jews could not stand him.  Here is a link to a review of the movie by someone who has researched it.  BTW, there were some bad things done by both sides, not just one.

Link Posted: 12/30/2002 3:39:47 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/30/2002 3:40:36 PM EDT by schapman43]
Well said!  Lets be sure our children dont forget either.

I dont think there has been a day thats gone by that I havnt thought of the 11th.
Link Posted: 12/31/2002 5:31:24 AM EDT

Nicely put.
Link Posted: 12/31/2002 5:39:04 AM EDT
What I'm not getting is, why is the movie character Schindler a hero for having Jews working in his factories, whereas in real life, every German company to employ actual Jews is getting sued for reparations and made to pay billions?
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