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Posted: 4/10/2001 9:53:39 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/11/2001 12:00:52 AM EDT by prk]
Alright, all you guys are bit**ing about how much you have to pay to Uncle Sam, but jeeze, think about what that [u]does[/u] for us.

First we have Congress.  I mean, doesn't it give you a warm feeling to know that part of the money goes to pay there people who make the laws, and the best part is - they pretty much do what [b]we'd[/b] do.  Such a comfort knowing that you can go off to work, and things are in good hands.  Why, every evening on the way home, I muse about the good things that Congress must have been doing while I earned money to pay them with.  To tell the truth, sometimes I can't wait to turn on the trusty news, just to see what social problem they've healed while still abiding by the Constitution.
The very fact that right here in my home state we have two of the finest Senators that money can buy just gets me so excited that I have to sometimes take a cool shower.

Then there is the Juduciary.  For life.  Who would deny these people the opportunity to reinterpret or even ignore what our Founding Fathers recognized as inalienable rights?  Rights that were not [b]given[/b] in the Constitution, but instead [b]guaranteed[/b]by it?

And let's not forget the Executive branch, home to the beloved alphabet agencies.  It's here that the will of the people is actually played out.  Well, actually, sometimes they have to decide for us what that will is.  Often we don't recognize the higher thinking that goes on in their offices.  We shouldn't ask a lot of questions, though.  Sometimes it's better if we just don't have such an attitude about govenrment.  They're paid to look out for us.

Link Posted: 4/10/2001 10:08:45 PM EDT
See....I thought I was the only one on this board that likes our current Gov. [puke]
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