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Posted: 1/6/2003 5:59:08 PM EDT
Okay, so I ordered a Milt Sparks VM2 and belt on Friday, and it arrived today, but the friggin postman was too friggin lazy to come to our apartment and deliver the friggin' package, which requires a signature, since it is an insured item.
So all he does is leave a friggin notice in my mailbox.
And to top it off, the post office that services my apartment is about 15 miles away, even though there are 2 post offices within 5 miles, the closest one being a friggin hub!! And the hub stays open untill 9:30 or 10, but the little tiny friggin' post office that I have to go to to get my stuff at closes a 5:30!!!
Damn lazy a-hole couldn't even do his friggin' job right!!!
Link Posted: 1/6/2003 7:32:14 PM EDT
 I once had a GD lazy friggin postman cost me a job at the Post office .  

He would only deliver the mail about once a week because he didn't like the position of my mail box . I didn't get the notification untill
the day of the interview . AND because I FAILED to respond to the letter I was taken of the list for future notices .

I called the local Post Master and tried to explain but of course she didn't like the fact that I was trying to tell her that it was one of her people that screwed me by not delivering the letter in time .

The mail box in question had been in the same spot for at least 10 years then when this jerk got the route he said it wasn't in the right spot . What a Jack Ass .

Looking back maybe it was for the best . I don't think I could put up with working with or for some of those jerks for long .
Link Posted: 1/6/2003 9:57:01 PM EDT
My mailman is a lazy scum.  My mailbox is such that you can look from the road and see if there is mail waiting to go out and you don't even need to climb onto my porch.  (My mailbox is next to my front door).

Well, the only time he ever picked up my mail was when I had a delivery.  If he didn't have to open my mailbox to deliver the mail, he would NOT pick up the outgoing mail.

So I don't like to complain to people's bosses.  I'd rather talk to him rather than complain to the postmaster and maybe get him in trouble and make an enemy.  So one day I caught him on my porch I told him to start picking up my mail.  He said he would do it.  Well guess what...he still doens't do SHIT!

Just the other day I got a package that wouldn't fit in my mailbox.  He put the package between my screen door and my real door.  Fine.  But he was within TWO FRIGGIN FEET of my mailbox and he still didn't pick up the envelope.  Asshole!  It's gotten to the point where if I have bills due, or any time-sensitive material, I walk 2 blocks through the snow and ice and slush to the public mailbox down the road because that is the only way I can be sure a piece of mail goes out within a week!

Some of these post office jerkwads need to get fired.

My UPS man is the total opposite.  He knows my name, and he knows all the neighboors and if I'm not home he knows to take the package over to the neighboor.  Fuck the USPS!

-Nick Viejo.
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