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Posted: 10/17/2001 9:11:18 AM EDT
Email me at kiiller@another.com, this includes all the large files I missed. There will be no links to any webpages to any of the information here, you must contact me, I accept all no liability. [red]WARNING all NFA rules apply.[/red] For any legal information on making anything from these plans contact your local law enforcement agency and apply for the right licenses and papers. For any lawsuits or complaints, Go fuck yourself. These are not plans on how to build explosives or anything that Paladin Press was brought to court over. The plans and blueprints include the following: Semi 1919 right side plate PPsH41 receiver blueprints Sten MKII full plans and instructions AR15 receiver plans (who doesnt have this??) Thompson M1A1 smg receiver blueprints AK47 receiver blueprints MAC 11 full plans and instructions Lightning Link plans and instructions Drop in auto sear (DIAS) blueprints and instructions Glock full auto conversion (for any model glock) I prefer trade, so in other words if you have some blueprints you can scan or anything would be appreciated. Though I will most likely not turn you down if you have nothing to offer. Beware: People such as sgtar15 and garandman do not think you should have easy access to this information. They will soon be patitionning parliment to remove all books from libraries because they give too easy access to illicit information. They also beleive that by having the board under higher scrutiny then it already is by the BATF that it will make people brake the law. Also watchout, owning a computer with access to the internet and a AR-15 constitues intent on producing a MG. And remember, the big bad BATF agent is under your beds.
Link Posted: 10/17/2001 9:14:19 AM EDT
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