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Posted: 3/31/2001 2:15:40 PM EDT
Iwas thinking about getting my first ak type rifle.  Iwant to get the closest I can get to the real thing without paying a fortune.  Any suggestions?
Link Posted: 3/31/2001 2:20:31 PM EDT
I was wondering the same thing.
I have a MAK-90, is that cheezee?
Can I convert that to a decent AK?
I live in SC.
Link Posted: 3/31/2001 3:11:01 PM EDT
Well, do you want the closest thing to an AK47 or an AKS or an AKM or an AKMS or an AK74 or an AKS74? What I'm saying is, there are alot of AK variants, you need to be more specific.
Link Posted: 3/31/2001 3:26:35 PM EDT
If you want just a standard AK47 type, I've heard many people say, for the price, you can't go wrong with a Romanian SAR series.  Usually in the $300-$400 range at most dealers.  Comes in 3 calibers: 7.62, 5.45, 5.56  I am seriously thinking about getting one with my tax return $$.  Other things about the SARs, they usually don't come with the best of finish and the wood is usually pretty good, but they are just as reliable as any of the others.

AIM surplus has the SAR2 (5.45x39mm) and SAR3 (.223) for $239 and $289 respectively.

Hope this helps,
Link Posted: 3/31/2001 3:31:18 PM EDT
You can get stamped AKMs for about $300.00

You can get AK74s for about $400.00

And you can get a milled Bulgarian (Closest to the real thing) for about $450.00
Link Posted: 4/1/2001 3:09:20 AM EDT
the only REAL russian AK style gun you can get is a Saiga rifle in 762x39 or 308 or a saiga shotgun in 12, 20, 410ga
they are sporterized with black plastic monte carlo stocks and only the 762 model can accept(with modification) to use hi cap AK mags
they are real nice guns starting at around $300 and up to $550 for the shotguns

but a real good way to go is a romanian SAR, those are in very good condition, dont discount the cheap maadi rifles either, they look like junk but can be cleaned and refinished to look very nice -- a nice side project that many AK owners have done with great results

there are also single stack AK guns which only use single stack 10 rnd mags, they are under $250
mak-90s are excellent guns also, dont let the chinese manufacter fool you, i wish i would of bought a bunch of these years ago

also the SAR and Saiga rifle/shotguns have a side rail to mount optics and russian red dot sights -- which are Bitchin accessories

to put on a pistol grip on the mak90 i think you have to put on 6 US parts, the SARs already have these US made parts -- read AK.net for more info
Link Posted: 4/1/2001 6:11:14 AM EDT
Ok guys do you want the best AK or one that is closest to the originial. If you want the best Ak look at the Bulgarians. These have crome lined bores and styer cromelined barrels. Also they have milled recivers and are very accurate (one of the most accurate out there). They can shoot about 1 1/2 inch groups compared to most Aks 2-3 in. The Bulgarianas come in a bunch of differnt types. The SLR-95 is the most saught after because of the nice plastic thumbhole stock. But if the thunbhole is not for you look you are look into the new SSR-99 built by G-tec. These are built on Bulgarian recivers with all new parts. They come with Black plastic pistol grip stocks and look just like a true Russian Ak if you replace the plastic with wood. But the SLR is around $500 and SSR is around $800. Or like said before you can go with the cheaper SAR not bad finish on the metal and the stocks are junk but they can be made to look great with a little work. But watch outfor soft hammers and crocked sights on them. I also like the MAK-90 it is a very underrated AK the fit and finish is ussualy very-good and if you replace the parts with US parts you can have a very good AK but a lot more money then the SAR to do this to a MAK. The SAR already has the US parts. But Go over to Ak-47.net and look around they are much more knowlagable then me and then you can see the differnt options you can do and make a better choice for your needs and wants.
Link Posted: 4/1/2001 10:24:00 AM EDT
SAR's light it up. I have 2- Twos and 1- One.
I tricked both of them (The SAR-2's) out to be in standard Mil. Configurations pretty easily.

IMO, the MAK post 386's are the best deal for the $$$. K-Var has kits to make them compliant, so you can put a pistol grip on.
The cheapest way to own a polytech legeng there is.
Link Posted: 4/6/2001 8:26:53 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/8/2001 2:43:28 PM EDT
Anyone ever see or fire the ak-103 or ak-103k carbine from krebs custom?There is an article on these rifles in the march 2001 issue of Gunworld magazine.  Thanks for your input, still researching on which ak to get.
Link Posted: 4/8/2001 2:46:10 PM EDT
the only REAL russian AK style gun you can get is a Saiga rifle in 762x39 or 308 or a saiga shotgun in 12, 20, 410ga
they are sporterized with black plastic monte carlo stocks and only the 762 model can accept(with modification) to use hi cap AK mags
they are real nice guns starting at around $300 and up to $550 for the shotguns

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Did someone say Saiga? Here's mine. Been converted to look like a Drugonov.

Link Posted: 4/8/2001 2:47:29 PM EDT
Just put money down on a used/like new Bulgarian SLR95.  $300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Feel like I should have at least held the dealer awhile after and told him I loved him or something...
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Hiram, buddy, you're scaring us... [:D]

Enjoy your AK, anyhoo.

Link Posted: 4/8/2001 4:06:07 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/8/2001 4:27:21 PM EDT
What are you doing asking AK questions on AR board? It is almost like asking low rider specialist for some off road advices.
Link Posted: 4/8/2001 7:01:30 PM EDT
AK?  AK?   Very reliable, mediocre accuracy, and the ergonomics of a fence post...WHY?
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 4:35:38 AM EDT
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 3:23:08 PM EDT
I recomend the SAR-1. I too was bitten by the AK bug and bought a SAR and have never regretted it. A case of 7.62x39 can be purchased for around $75.00, high capacity 30rd mags go from $8-$12.
The gun is fun to shoot and I haven't had any problems with it at all. Try one and you will like it, maybe not as much as your AR but it will be one of your favorites.
Link Posted: 4/9/2001 7:33:08 PM EDT
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