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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/27/2003 1:13:19 PM EST
I bought one of their shirts a few months ago, and I got this in the email inbox today:

Fellow ProtestWarriors,

One month ago we launched our counter-strike against the shock troops of
statism, crashing their hatefest in our nation's capitol. The full debriefing
is now available on our home page. New protest gallery. New signs. New
shirts. New stickers. Oh yeah, and a little movie called EAGLE STRIKE.

When we went to our first anti-war protest in San Francisco with a few handmade
signs, we never in our wildest dreams imagined it would be the first step in
organizing a new mass movement. Nine months later, ProtestWarrior stands strong
and formidable, ready to engage in full scale war against the enemies of

Up until this point, our main focus has been the sorry, sad creature that joins
a group like A.N.S.W.E.R. The people that go to these 'anti-war' protests are
poisoned by the leftist creed, plugged into the Matrix if you will. They have
an emotional void in their lives, and socialism fills it. They hate themselves,
and rather than try to improve, they instead seek the elimination of all
standards. From the philosophers who say that all is relative, to the
professors who say all cultures are equal, to the 'liberals' who preach the cult
of victimhood, to the politicians who seek power by making us dependent on them,
and finally to the lost souls who latch onto this as an escape from their low
self-esteem, it all ties together to one central tenet: destruction of the good.

Little wonder that at the heart of this movement you'll find the anarchists, the
dark Sith of the Left, a movement which seeks chaos not as a means but as an
end, a world where there is no right, and therefore no wrong. No one will be
better than anyone else. All will be equal to all. That is what they want, and
that is why they must be defeated.

Tomorrow we resume the struggle for freedom, but today we celebrate having it.
We just want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving, definitely one of our favorite
holidays. Family, food, and most of all Cowboys football, it's a great day to
be an American, even for those with lesser NFL franchises.

And to all the U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq, you're with us here in spirit, and
we count the days for you to defeat the enemy and complete your righteous
mission of establishing liberty in the Middle East. Don't worry about the home
front – PW has got your back. Stay alive, and we wish you good hunting.

-Alan & Kfir

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