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Posted: 1/8/2003 12:58:23 PM EST
I've been looking for an application to replace my handy Data Book but can't seem to find anything. Does anyone know of an app that would allow for recording of range data via my laptop like wind speed, wind direction, front & rear elevation, shot placement, etc. Thanks. E-95
Link Posted: 1/8/2003 9:46:09 PM EST
I think you should be able to make one using excel. I'm sure someone has one somewhere though. Have you tried a google search?
Link Posted: 1/9/2003 7:33:16 AM EST
Yea, I thought about trying to create one but didn't want to reinvent the wheel. I've done searches but maybe I'm just not thinking of the right keywords. There's got to be some computer geek out there with the programming knowledge to have created this. E-95
Link Posted: 1/9/2003 1:31:04 PM EST
There was a guy about a year ago who had some software for the PDA's to do just this. You might ask over on the comp board or ask on [url]www.floridashooting.com[/url]. It is a delphi forum, but there is some knowledge there. SRM
Link Posted: 1/9/2003 5:55:22 PM EST
SRM, Thanks for the info. I'll check around the Florida Shooting site and the Palm site. I didn't think about a Palm OS application. Realistically, that would be the best type. I could make my notes and replicate with my laptop. Paul
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