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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/25/2002 10:54:24 AM EST
I am dont know much about whoever is this Brady, and the brady laws. can you explain it to me. i am still young enough to be ingnorent about this. so could you explain it please, so i can defend our thinking against a person(s) who live next door who think my dad should take away my bushy 20" (of course he never will, but i need some good debate material) the best way to defete them is to know them better then they know themselves. well, at least on this topic. ok thanks guys!
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 11:03:32 AM EST
In a nutshell... The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads: [b]"A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."[/b] Brady Laws: A bunch of laws that violate the 2nd Amendment. Nuf' said.
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Link Posted: 3/25/2002 11:17:07 AM EST
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Okay how 'bout this: Reagan's press Secretary got shot in the head during an assassination attempt on Reagan. His wife, Sarah Brady used that as a vehicle to push a bunch of laws through Congress that infringed on YOUR right to keep and bear arms (waiting periods, etc.) This opened the door to MORE gun laws being passed throughout the country. More gun laws were passed (like in Kalifornistan) that made ownership of certain existing guns like our AR15s ILLEGAL. (Today you're ok - tomorrow you wake up a FELON!) Then more gun laws were passed that meant that if you ever had a DUI you couldn't buy a gun. More laws were passed in certain states so that if you ever had a misdemeanor assault conviction ANYTIME in your life or had a restraining order filed against you by ANYONE or were arrested for domestic violence (not convicted just arrrested) then your guns would be CONFISCATED. Though not actually "Brady Laws" these further infringements are just the tip of the iceberg of all the laws that came down on us ever since Sarah Brady vomited on the Constitution.
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 11:42:50 AM EST
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 12:09:08 PM EST
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Link Posted: 3/25/2002 12:26:36 PM EST
Originally Posted By The_Macallan: Okay how 'bout this: More laws were passed in certain states so that if you ever had a misdemeanor assault conviction ANYTIME in your life or had a restraining order filed against you by ANYONE or were arrested for domestic violence (not convicted just arrrested) then your guns would be CONFISCATED.
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this one sucks the worst because 80% of the time when you file for divorce a judge gives slaps a RO on the husband even if there isn't any evidence of abuse. This is reason #65 of 100 as to why you shouldn't get married [spank]
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 12:50:10 PM EST
There are a LARGE number of websites that you should visit to get a feel for the whole issue. Here they are, along with a short description of the 'slant' of each organization. [url]www.guncite.com[/url] This is straight data, not spun in either direction. An excellent resource. [url]www.nra.org[/url] The NRA, of course. Very pro-gun, but not above tweaking the truth to that end. Some think the NRA is not fighting for our rights as hard as they can and should. [url]www.gunowners.org[/url] Gun Owners of America. Similar to the NRA, but stronger in their pro-gun stance for ALL types of firearms. By comparison, the NRA is weak in their support for "assault rifles" and machinegun ownership. A good, and honest, organization. [url]www.bradycampaign.org[/url] The very heart of darkness. Will not hesitate to lie about anything if it makes gullible people believe that guns are bad. Take everything you read here with a five pound lump of salt. Incidentally, this organization (Brady Center to Prevent Handgun Violence) was originally named Handgun Control, Incorporated. But, somebody snagged [url]www.handguncontrolinc.com[/url] in what has to be perhaps the funniest in-your-face coup in cyberspace, ever. This site is VERY anti-Brady and pro-gun. A must visit! [url]www.vpc.org[/url] Violence Policy Center. If anything, they're worse than Brady. What else can you expect of an organization that is privately funded by a rabidly anti-gun billionaire? (Andrew McKelvey) You will NEVER find a grain of truth on this site. If Brady is the heart of darkness, then VPC is the soul of evil. This organization lives by the concept that a lie that is believed does its work, even when that lie is later exposed for the lie it is. [url]www.jpfo.org[/url] Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. A thoroughly PRO-gun group, with interesting content. Should be on your 'visit regularly' list. There are a lot more such sites, both pro and anti gun. Seek and ye shall find! CJ
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 1:12:33 PM EST
I believe the federal Brady law specifies no gun ownership if you've been convicted of a felony, misdemeanor domestic violence, or any crime punishable by more than 1 year in prison, regardleass of your actual sentence. These require a conviction, not an arrest. Further restrictions, including DUIs, could be made by states, and this varies from state to state. For example, a DUI conviction in Colorado does not prevent one from owning firearms. The maximum sentence for a DUI in Colorado is 1 year. Note if it were ever changed to greater than 1 year then the federal Brady law would kick in ("any crime punishable by more than 1 year in prison") and you'd be screwed. It's all crazy, and has no impact on preventing crime or any other "do-gooder" claim for gun control.
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 2:05:57 PM EST
thanks guys! i will read up again on the federalist papers. we have the book in our house library for school. we used it i think 2 yrs ago. anyway, thanks again, this sure will be a fun and interesting debate with the people next door. :) [flame]
Link Posted: 3/25/2002 4:07:09 PM EST
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