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Posted: 5/27/2001 4:29:53 PM EDT
What is the best AR-15 for the money? What are the most important features to look for in a rifle? Thanks, I'm new here.
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 4:33:23 PM EDT
Start with this. [url]http://www.ar15.com/forums/announcement.html?id=16#lastPost[/url]
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 4:44:12 PM EDT
I like Bushmaster and Armalite. Colt lost the government contract, so if they aren't good enough for the Army, I don't want one.
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 4:53:09 PM EDT
LEGP all the way. radioman
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 5:33:42 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 5:35:30 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 5:50:03 PM EDT
Depends what you're looking for . . . Are you using it as a tactical/defensive gun? You want a realistic, accurate replica of the M-16? Are you going to shoot for accuracy? Is weight a factor? You going to add a scope? PERSONALLY, I like the Bushmaster. I had a Colt and it was screwed up. My choice is the XM15 A2S V Match Carbine. This is a flat-top (no carry handle) without sights for scope mounting (Redfield Tracker SE 6X - 40 mm) floated 16" 1:9 heavy barrel. Heavy barrel reduces heat build up and barrel "whip" resulting in a more accurate gun. Flat top lowers the height of the scope mount, so no cheek piece accessory is needed. Also, a lower mount creates fewer parallax problems with a scope. Floated barrel adds accuracy because you're not supporting the fore end (hand grip) with the barrel and thus moving the barrel out of alignment when shooting. 30 rd mags are a dime a dozen, legal in pre or post ban guns. I don't need a bayo lug, a flash suppressor, or even the front sight tower. It's possible to add a handle to the flat top, but I don't use one and would need to add a front sight too. With a fixed handle upper, you can't get the rigid mount for optics like a flat top. You can always buy a complete upper, or lower, or parts to convert. Bushmaster seems to be leading the pack on AR production and govt. contracts.
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 6:01:37 PM EDT
PowderBurns- I've got 25 cents left over, can I buy 30 x 30rd USGI's from ya??? (a dime a dozen, right?) JUST KIDDIN' YA!!!!! [X] [X]
Link Posted: 5/27/2001 7:06:39 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Headshrinker: What is the best AR-15 for the money? What are the most important features to look for in a rifle? Thanks, I'm new here.
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Most importantant feature for YOU is that it doesn't say "AR-15" on the side of it-make sure you buy something that is POST-BAN (No flash suppressor or bayonet lug for you in the Garden State).Magazine capacity is NO MORE THAN 15 ROUNDS! Stick with the 10 rd. mags or block the U.S.G.I. mags with spent cases or dowel rods so they won't accept more than 15 ROUNDS.The LEGP is a nice rifle for the money,or I'd stick with Bushmaster or ArmaLite (chrome-lined bores and EXCELLENT customer service for both).Colt Match Targets are nice, but SEVERELY over-priced here ($1130 for a 6601 where I am) and you aren't getting anything extra for the money-except the name "Colt".
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