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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/16/2002 3:24:38 PM EST
I just read the thread on guys and their great marriages and figured you can help us single guys out by hooking us up with friends / relatives.... All the single guys post your ad and the other members can hook you up with that someone special.... Here's my stats; SWM, 33, seeks SWF for that nice chat over the table of weapons at the gun range. You can shoot mine if I can shoot yours! Likes Guns / Cars / Dogs... Dislikes Lincoln Park Trixies (those of you from Chicago know these types.)
Link Posted: 2/16/2002 3:41:42 PM EST
Yeah, I tried this same idea about the same time that "Meet-an-inmate.com" thread was out. The other members shot me down within the hour so I axed the thread. But I guess if you're doing point man this time, what the heck, more power to you.
Link Posted: 2/16/2002 3:46:15 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/16/2002 3:47:49 PM EST by the_survivalist]
SWM 23, seeks SF ?18-25? for life long companionship. i have a high moral compass and belive in home schooling, and freedom. likes: hiking, camping, shooting, 4 wheel drive big SUV's, studying self sufficiency and training for survival situations. dislikes: political correctness, gun grabbing liberals, and oppressive governments. edited to add, that i WILL re-locate to a free state. preferably vermont as thats not too far.
Link Posted: 2/16/2002 4:27:31 PM EST
Politically incorrect male, seeks politically incorrect female for shooting sports and sex. I fart, I burp, I make fun of fags... I buy guns and ammo, not jewelery or flowers... I don't share my feelings, and I'll cut my finger off before another wench gets a ring on it...
Link Posted: 2/16/2002 5:36:20 PM EST
Single male: Will break off any relationship with female that utters the words, [i]"Honey, we can't afford to buy that gun."[/i] [b]ArmaLiter[/b]
Link Posted: 2/16/2002 5:43:29 PM EST
Married White Male 53, 6'3" 210 lbs looking for sweet young thing for sex and bad mouthing spouse for lack of support for gun collecting hobby.
Link Posted: 2/16/2002 5:45:30 PM EST
Horny SWM seeking horny SWF. [sex]
Link Posted: 2/16/2002 5:50:18 PM EST
SWM seeks SBAR15 for lots of bumpfiring and noisemaking...
Link Posted: 2/16/2002 6:03:21 PM EST
[b]...and the winner is.... Heavily Armed![/b]
Link Posted: 2/16/2002 6:42:07 PM EST
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