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12/6/2019 7:27:02 PM
Posted: 3/15/2011 4:28:21 PM EST
Since the the collective here was very helpful with my previous shotgun malady, here goes another one regarding ol' Blue (Ithaca 37 riot gun, with a nice handy LOP, Decelerator smooth pad, and a KISS classic appeal)

Shotgun in question was originally equipped with a bead sight. I had XS 870 tritium 'Bid-Dot' rifle sights installed, and was very pleased with the speed and accuracy-personally don't care for ghost rings on a shotgun.

Anyways, front sight/base launched the other day while exercising 'ol Blue with a little 00 buck. Everything survived the separation, but I was startled to learn that the rifle sight base was glued on-I assumed they silver-soldered the thing on.

XS sights is not returning my two (polite!) phone calls-they were the one who processed the barrel, and if memory serves, farmed it out to a gunsmith in the AZ locale. This work was done 6-7 years ago, so there is not any real chance of warranty anyways.

So my questions are this...

Should I also have the rear sight soldered by a local gunsmith, since they might become unglued, or is this problematic on glued front sights only?

Should I just get an equivalent banded front sight and loc-tite/torque the snot out of it, instead of reattaching the existing front sight?

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