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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/6/2002 10:40:36 PM EST
I have a chance to buy a Colt SP-1 that has the original sales receipt from 1967!! One owner too. It's in 90% condition as well. I believe the old SP-1 barrels were 1/12 twist...is this ok? Do I need to shoot something other than my 55gr. bullets? I am only familiar with the A2 with 1/9 twist (Military issue and my Bushy Dissipator. I pick up the rifle at the end of the week and was just curious about this. Thanks to any who reply. BTW, I took the Bushy out today for the first time....SWEET!!!!! What took me so long to get a Dissipator? The only down side is that my wife wants it now!! Time too save up again!
Link Posted: 5/6/2002 10:47:36 PM EST
The 1/12 twist was made for the 55 grain bullet.

The M16A2 is a 1/7 twist (changed for the 62 grain SS109 bullet). Bushmaster sells the 1/9 twist, which is considered best for civilian shooting by many.

I like the SP-1. Very light weight! If it's a good price, get it for the wife.
Link Posted: 5/6/2002 10:57:41 PM EST
Cool, thanks for the fast reply..I think I like it a little more than my Bushy. Hmmmm....maybe the wife can borrow my Bushy and I'll take the SP-1! Thanks again.
Link Posted: 5/8/2002 2:46:05 AM EST
If you're going to shoot only factory ammo, you'll have to stick with the 55grain stuff. That's really not so bad, since it's usually a lot cheaper than the SS109. If you handload, there are some heavier bullets that will stabilize. Sierra makes a fine one that stabilizes in the 1-12 barrels because it's flat based, not boat tailed, and the point is less of a spitzer.
Link Posted: 5/8/2002 3:18:12 AM EST
I live in Ct where Colt ARs are made...
Pre-Ban Colts are illegal here (unless they are grandfathered but you cannot buy one) but all other Mfgs are not...Politicians..go figure...

Anyway...I think an SP1 from 1967 is a great find and would not hesitate to buy it if I could. I have several SP1 uppers and they shoot great...yes they are 1/12 twist (1967 could it possibly be a 1/14??) and you need to shoot 55gr...but that is what I shoot all the time anyway...
Link Posted: 5/8/2002 8:43:38 AM EST
I picked up a Colt SP-1 rifle last summer, a 1979-era rifle. I LOVE this rifle!!! It's been shot some, but just enough to break it in. It has caused me to re-think much of what I previously thought of AR's, with regards to reliability, or lack thereof.

My first AR was a post-'94 Colt Lightweight Sporter. It was a total POS!! It wouldn't reliably feed worth a damn, and I traded it off in disgust. I got a Colt blue label Govt. Carbine to replace it, and kick myself daily for ever letting that one go.

This SP-1, however, will feed anything I give it, from S. African, Guatemalan, to(gasp!!) Wolf!! My oldest daughter and I are on our second case of Wolf 55gr FMJ. We had to replace the hammer soon after getting the rifle, and the extractor spring was a bit soft, as it was probably the original. We have had NO jams using Wolf, nor have we had any lacquer-related problems.

My daughter has laid claim to the rifle, and has done a few minor alterations to it. It wears A2 front HG's, an A2 pistol grip, and an A2 buttplate, although she likes the length of the A1 stock better, so she has kept it. She can kill those offending bowling pins @ 100 meters with it regularly enough to get bored with it.

If the SP-1 you are looking to buy is NOT NIB ,then shoot the hell out of it!! They are an outstanding rifle, though I wish it had the 'hump' brass deflector. I have to use the little plastic clip-on deflector when I shoot it, but wish I didn't have to.
Link Posted: 5/8/2002 5:46:09 PM EST
Thanks to all of you for your input! I cant wait to pick her up next week. She's not NIB, so it will be a shooter. Looks really good too, doesnt look abused at all. All I ever shoot is PMC 55gr. and Winchester 55gr. it's really cheap locally. Longs Drug Store gives 10% discount to military members :) thanks again for your input. I'll post how she shoots when I get her! My Bushy Dissipator shoots like a dream! No problems with her either, course 9 1/2 yrs with Uncle Sam taught me how to take real good care of this rifle, almost halfway to my 20yrs!!
Link Posted: 5/8/2002 5:49:23 PM EST
Saw some 1976 NIB SP-1's in AZ last month the guy wanted $2000, what are you paying?
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