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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/22/2003 4:51:50 PM EST
Are their any Bi-Pods of USA make availiable! I Would like to have one for my National Match
M1A. Just Checking Thank You
Link Posted: 11/22/2003 5:06:59 PM EST
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Originally Posted By WFG:
Are their any Bi-Pods of USA make availiable! I Would like to have one for my National Match
M1A. Just Checking Thank You

When i read this last night I was half asleep. The harris would be the way to go. GI Brat sent his stock to Springfield for the modification to install a harris stud. Im not sure the cost but it was minimal. I am a big fan of the harris and have them on 2 different rifles. I currently use the slm 9-13" bipods but I think my next purchase will be an SLM Bench rest height one
Link Posted: 11/22/2003 5:58:48 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/22/2003 5:59:40 PM EST by Different]
Are Harris bipods made in the USA? That brand seems to be the most popular for the M1A/M14.

Here is some background information on other M14/M1A bipods from my website:

Bipods - Taiwanese and Chinese copies of the M2 bipod do not have an excellent reputation as compared to the USGI model. Taiwanese copies of the M2 bipod may have W M I written on them, the Chinese versions will have the W M I marking. If the yoke screw requires an Allen wrench it is a Chinese bipod. Some Taiwanese M2 bipods have been sold to the U. S. Navy. An American made USGI contract M2 bipod will have either of the following markings: U. S. 7790833 BIPOD RIFLE M2 for those with a sling swivel or U. S. 7790688 BIPOD RIFLE M2 for those without a swivel. It will be of brazed, not welded, construction. The early version of the USGI contractor M2 bipod does not have a sling swivel. Harris and Parker Hale bipods are typically mounted to the stock just aft of the front sling swivel. This method of attachment avoids changes in point of impact as experienced with the M2 bipod. Versapod is a Chinese copy of the Parker Hale bipod. They make a modified gas cylinder plug to which their bipod fits. It will also fit to a sling stud on the stock.

Link Posted: 11/23/2003 12:02:58 AM EST
Here's something else about the issue M2 bipod(or it's copies),it will beat the hell out of your stock when folded up.I had a Chinese repro bipod on my M1A for about 5 minutes.It was obvious it(or the GI)would scratch the hell out of your stock.
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 4:24:10 AM EST
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Link Posted: 11/23/2003 8:27:48 AM EST
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GreyGhost and raf, you made some great points. The M2 bipod does nick up the stock. It certainly does on mine. That can be minimized with a USGI synthetic M14 stock. I agree, in semi-automatic the M2 bipod will reduce accuracy. The M2 bipod is designed for automatic fire. Like raf mentioned, it's heavy but you want that for automatic fire. For semi-automatic fire I suggest a Harris bipod mounted just aft of the sling swivel.

Link Posted: 11/25/2003 8:11:00 PM EST
Thanks To ALL of you Guy's for the Information It is all highly appreciated. TARHEELGNR
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