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Posted: 9/2/2004 2:31:36 AM EDT
My rear sight is an A.R.M.S. no. 40, so if i will need to shoot at distances past 100 yards, how do i adjust or compensate for bullet drop? because there is no elevation adjustment on rear sight? How many clicks or turns will i need to increase height of POI at 200 yards up using front sight only?
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Link Posted: 9/2/2004 8:31:34 AM EDT

Tweak has it right.

Zero at 50 yards. This will also be Zero at 200 yards.

Hold dead on from fairly close to 200 yards and you won't be off by more than an inch or so.

Beyond 225 yards or so, start holding over - experience will show how much.

Do not adjust your front sight for long ranges.
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Originally Posted By Tweak:
The 50/200 zero works on some guns with some loads, it's not a universal thing.

Umm, that's not very helpful information.

What you need to do is let us know if your ammunition has any special considerations we need to take into consideration.

The Army zeroes at 25 meters for 300 meter ranges, the reason for this is the same reason Tweak is suggesting you zero at 50 yards and 200 yards.

The bullet trajectory will rise and fall at the same height at those distances.

With most ammunition this is still true for the AR15, so that means what to you? Hold low at targets between 50 and 300 meters. The lowest hold should be the 150 meter mark, after that it's back to moving towards center-mass again. At targets at distances further than 150 meters though the targets will be a lot smaller, so keep in mind that while your shooting position isn't changing a lot, it might be affecting the strike of your bullet more than you realize.

My overall advice? Learn better range estimation and find out where your natural hold points are.

Of course this means you have to go out and shoot, aww shucks.
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Originally Posted By Tweak:
The 50/200 zero works on some guns with some loads, it's not a universal thing.

For 5.56 it's pretty close. Ballistics differences between the rounds to 200y is pretty minimal. The most important thing is your sight line be pretty close to 2.6" over the bore (standard iron sight height).

Realisticially most people won't be shooting over 200y with a carbine.
Link Posted: 9/3/2004 6:01:44 AM EDT
That's what ya'll get fer usin' 'em new fangled sightin' systems! Git yerself a good ole govt. A2
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