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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/19/2006 8:23:36 AM EST
Wow, I didn't think I was going to get back in here again--- my former pw didn't work.

Anyway I've read much before posting, and there's many directions to take. So here's the deal and I might as well start with budget. $600-$700. I could pay more but want the experience on lesser grade materials prior to moving up, yet higher cost uppers appear to be coming now with less parts....$1200-$1400 that I think I don't need just yet, so here's what I want)

1) 16" total length barrel that includes suppresser
2) muzzle break is more important than flash suppress (don't anticipate needing to hid flash)
3) 223
4) I like the look of the LaRue float tube but can do with less quality. I want the flat top all across for sights I'm taking off other guns etc. Would prefer the end sight to be retractable etc.
5) I'm use to accurate equipment so the barrel has to be relatively good for 100 yard shooting or more.
6) weight-- as light as possible

I'm just going to buy the upper and barrel assembly first, and think it might be better to get all that done and delivered as one piece. Unless it would be cheaper to do it myself--I do have a garage and tools! I'd consider a used piece set up like this but it probably would have to be for around $450 or so.

The stock and lower seems pretty straight forward that I can order complete or buy parts--not sure about compatability issues with uppers and lowers but from what I've read any upper should fit the lower. (So how does that .22 upper work with the lower 223?)

There seems to be many fine suppliers in the Equipment exchange who are active and I intend to use those resourses as they are active to this list...

Can anyone offer any suggestions? (some of the prebuilt uppers seem to be on back order in 16" yet I'm ready to place order today.)

LMT, CMT, Noveske, BCM, J&T and Del-tom for uppers, perhaps ar15barrels too...
Larue and DD for float tubes etc. just too much info to get through...

Thanks in advance.

Link Posted: 1/19/2006 1:47:31 PM EST
Perhaps I need to be more specific:
BCM M4 upper or J & T M4 kit?
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 4:04:18 PM EST
It's not easy to build a complete rifle for $6-700, let alone trying to add a FF tube into the equation. Add in the cost of specialty tools such as an action block and barrel wrench, and you add close to another $100 to the mix.

You might be able to find a complete rifle for $700 if you look hard enough.
Link Posted: 1/20/2006 7:02:04 AM EST
Look at del-ton. If you want a normal A2 stock, a complete Stag lower is less than $200. I would think you could find an upper for less than $500. I bought a DPMS CMP 20" Upper with a stainless barrel and free float handgrips from MidwayUSA for less than $600.

I don't know if any of those dealers or brands are "politically incorrect" on this board, but hey, I have an AR-15 in my gun cabinet now...
Link Posted: 1/20/2006 11:47:58 AM EST
I have also been looking at my first build. I have been looking at Del-Tons M4 rifle kit which starts at $465. Comes with everything minus the stripped lower receiver. It also allows alot of the addons your looking for. I have also found that you can get a stripped lower from $90 up. I have one coming from RB Precision and should be here first of next week. Both companies have been very helpful to this newbie.

Good with your build!
Link Posted: 1/20/2006 2:59:49 PM EST
I think a lot of this is based on parts availability. Right now it's 4 weeks to get a built lower from RRA according to their website site. So I may get the striped lower and parts kit. Also RRA doesn't have the stock and hand grip I like so that's a good reason to only get from RRA what I need. You must think of shipping costs too adding up in ordering from too many places. I also noticed you can get great prices on rails if you buy the whole upper assembly from someone instead of just buying them one-off. Getting something you need off the EE or even used is also good. I'm going to order the lower Monday and keep shopping for the the barrel.. I also need to find my AR-15 parts book which is somewhere burried in the office somewhere.

I also learned today that feed ramps in barrels are useless unless you are using the type of blunt nose ammo the military used the reason they needed the feed ramps. Feed ramps have no bearing on the performance of the gun...at least that is what I as told.

OK what is best?-- Chrome coated or Stainless barrel. I probably won't be in the muck and water but want a barrel that will last and is accurate... and what advantages does a bull barrel have?--J&T has a nice 16" bull barrel.

Link Posted: 1/23/2006 9:31:43 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/23/2006 9:35:02 AM EST by 1911-MW]
I think it is possible to do a build for close to $600. I have seen a combination that comes to $654 (adding the chrome) + shipping and FFL fees. It is through RBP.

Superior Amrs Lower Complete with lower parts kit and 6 position stock installed $215.00

RRA 16" A4 Car with CAR or Mid length handguards -- $399.00
Features: Wilson chrome moly (NOT CHROME LINED) barrel 1:9 twist. Add $40.00 for chrome

Pardon my ignorance, but since these are both completed I am assuming the need for any tools to be pretty nill. Should be a nice shooting toy for around $700 once all the shipping is done. Or I can buy an Oly Arms basic model in the same price range. I think the RRA would be a better way to go...

Then again for $100 more one can buy a pretty decent RRA set up...

Any thoughts? Comments?

PS: This is my first post. I like the site, but am looking for something. I would like a section that explains what A1, A2, M4, etc and all the parts and lingo mean. I understand some of it, buy being a newbie, certainly not all. Does this exist and I am just missing it? Thanks....

Link Posted: 1/24/2006 6:05:35 PM EST
I bought bushmaster 16" barrel fully assembled upper with bolt less front sight and flash suppressor for $540. Now all I need is the low profile gas block, lower, float tube, 2 stage trigger, suppressor, stock tripod magazines, and don't forget ammo etc yikes I've got black gun disease. I was told today I should have bought complete colt as first ar15, but I like the trick parts that I want to make up my own. Probably will exceed my $800 budget. Considering JP float tube and cmt /stag lower. Who knows where this is going.
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 6:20:57 PM EST
I hope it is OK to keep this thread going.

Since I need a lower I went to a gun shop that had lowers. Here is what I learned. The gun shop owner sold RRA lowers complete or stripped. He also had Olympic, DPMS and Bushmaster complete rifles. For the life of me I could hardly tell the differnce between any of the lowers except that they had different logos. Please tell me if I'm wrong but what I saw was that it really does't matter which lower you get as they all are nearly the same. The RRA came with 2 stage trigger, hoag grip, and A2 stock in his shop at $400. The shop owner spoke highly of RRA and did not think much of Colt. Anyway.... if you have any idea about quality of lowers please post some info... Thanks! (The reason for buying a stripped lower would be to install a second stage trigger, but if you could get a lower with a second stage, it makes little sense to buy and build.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Link Posted: 2/4/2006 3:39:16 PM EST
Wow. I went to huge gun show today! Here's what I got:

Low profile gas block: $20
3 steel mags with green followers 11.99 each
barrel wrench: $10
upper vice clamp $25
vortex flash hider $38
flash hider protector- Free
Cloth ar 15 gun case with mag holder side pockets $25
gas tube alignment pin $3

2 memberships to NRA plus entrance to the show $50
2 nra ball caps, black with gold nra lettering. Free

I had enough money left over to go see the movie the Worlds Fastest Indian--Great Flick.

What a day
Enjoying my project!
Stay tuned--- I saw a lot of optics and lazers at the show. Plus there were some good ventors there including J&T plus others who don't even have websites or are mentioned here.

Black gun disease is setting in heavily now.

More later
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 8:15:34 PM EST
Got my upper done. It now has yankee hill spectre free float tube solid railed and and forward hand post what ever you call it and I put 8 power scope on. This will help hold the ff tube in place. At gun show today i finished getting all tools, 6 position gun stock and 1000 roounds of 223 wolf for $115! Hope its good stuff? I need to learn how to post pics now.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 10:08:53 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/28/2006 3:45:21 PM EST
I got the lower with trigger installed and installed all the other pins and springs. The gun is complete now and I'll post some pics as soon as possible... the build was pretty easy. Not sure it was worth all the extra money.
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