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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/9/2003 3:58:24 PM EST
Nice to meet ya'll

Link Posted: 6/9/2003 4:01:30 PM EST
From one Newbie to another welcome. Glockdog Airborne!!
Link Posted: 6/9/2003 4:13:38 PM EST
Welcome to both of ya. Now when is the black rifle fever taking hold??
Link Posted: 6/9/2003 4:51:06 PM EST
Hi everybody.
Link Posted: 6/9/2003 4:53:03 PM EST
welcome aboard!!! How about after you introduce yourself, you tell us which AR(s) you got? No opinions, not arguments... just intros and ARs!!!
Link Posted: 6/9/2003 4:54:52 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/9/2003 9:31:18 PM EST
yoyo good to hear from ya. vinnie
Link Posted: 6/9/2003 9:39:55 PM EST
quack = welcome quackquack quack=hope you enjoy it here, it's a great site!!!!
Link Posted: 6/10/2003 5:34:34 AM EST
Howdy, everyone... I recently bought a new Bushy XM15 ES2 National Match Target, with a factory fluted 20" HBAR... I should've done this YEARS ago... I'm throughly impressed with the overall quality of the Bushmaster, and am enjoying this rifle very much... Being new to these rifles, I'm also enjoying this board very much, as well... Now I'm considering buying a stripped reciever for a future build, or "for a rainy day"... - georgestrings
Link Posted: 6/10/2003 6:04:10 AM EST
Hey everybody... I got my Bushmaster Varmint Special about 3 months ago and I'm loving soaking up everything I can learn on the board here. I plan on building a carbine for my brother in the near future from a kit. Man this could be an expensive hobby...
Link Posted: 6/10/2003 9:01:58 AM EST
Well gents I'm a former Marine and F class shooter. I work for the postal service in computers and like to play more than work. Got just one AR a bushy A2 20" and a few other sticks in the locker. If anyone comes down to Raleigh NC and wants to shoot let me know and we can load up some sticks and bricks, make some fire and thunder. "duck"
Link Posted: 6/10/2003 3:03:38 PM EST
[wave] [b]Welcome to the board my friend. Lots of good people here. Make sure you stop in the Hometowm Forum and say hey to your fellow Carolinian's SaFe ShOoTiNg Jerry [):)][/b]
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 5:54:55 AM EST
Greetings and Salutations.
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 1:59:44 PM EST
Welcome aboard! [beer] Eric
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 5:09:00 PM EST
Howdy, I've got a Colt HBAR 16", 2,000 rounds about a dozen USGI 30's a couple of colt 20's and a couple of SA-80 40's...Damn it's fun I used to shoot the M-1 Garand all the time, but this is a hell of a lot easier on me.
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 5:53:23 PM EST
[beer] Welocme to all the new comers. Remember there is no such thing as to many mags, or to much ammo.[:D]
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 9:00:13 PM EST
I'm new too. Man if only I hadn't bought that Mini-14 and then the AR. Wow I am really addicted ive been shooting centerfire for 3 months and already two guns! The really sad thing is that the damn AR made me sick, it gave me somethin called black gun fever. Im already planin the next two ARs, I need another job. [50]
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 9:02:23 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/12/2003 2:03:59 AM EST
[Last Edit: 6/12/2003 2:04:52 AM EST by GiggleSmith]
Oh [nuts]. Another Marine. Wait a minute. He said he works for the Post Office! Look Out! He we have somebody who can Honestly say he “Goes Postal” when he goes to Work! [size=5][sniper2]DUCK![sniper][/size=5] From a Former Army Paratrooper and NCO, I have got to ask; Have you ever been to Sardinia? I play with your Bros down there in 1979-1980. We [buttkick] every time. Jokes Over. Welcome to The Board.[wave]
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