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Posted: 3/12/2011 8:15:33 AM EST

Seeing if this works ? I wanted my first AR to be a true build seeing as thanks to our lovely government we cannot have semi or auto rifles here except in .22lR

Spikes Tactical upper and lower
16.5 inch barrel with Troy Claymore fitted
Troy CQB stock ( small but comfy ! )
Troy CQB grip ( way to small getting changed soon )
Magpul back up's
Temporary red dot ( but works well )

Love to hear back on what you think ?
Link Posted: 3/12/2011 8:18:31 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/12/2011 8:19:32 AM EST by unknownhavoc]

Posted the picture for you.

Really Like it!

Tell me how you like that stock? I was thinking about that for me next build

Welcome to ARFCOM!
Link Posted: 3/12/2011 9:23:01 AM EST

Is that your rifle across the pond or in the states?

Link Posted: 3/12/2011 9:43:58 AM EST
Thanks, will keep on trying to get more photos on. the stock is good in that it is solid and really comfortable in the shoulder. It is smaller than most others though. The CQB grip ! Suffice to say that my 4 year old daughter can wrap her fingers around it ! Does not feel the right size. Feel the need for a replacement soon.
Link Posted: 3/12/2011 9:46:31 AM EST
Nice looking.
Link Posted: 3/12/2011 9:49:15 AM EST
Thanks. Across the pond in good old and cold UK. The interest in the AR type rifle is quite small here as you cannot own semi or auto 'large' firearms. the laws changed some year ago after a shooting in a school. Knee jerk law change and the practical shooting side of things was nigh on decimated over night.

Needless to say a number of excellent small companies over here import from the USA, hence being the proud owner of a Spikes Tactical. Even if you do have to chamber a round each time. You are allowed semi auto rifles in .22LR and i will be getting a Spike upper in a few months
Link Posted: 3/12/2011 10:40:20 AM EST
nice build and welcome to the site.
Link Posted: 3/12/2011 11:29:57 AM EST
Wait a second. Are you saying you have to manually chamber each round in order to fire that gun? No semi-auto? If thats the case can I ask another question: Whats the point of an AR pattern rifle if you have to manually cycle it for each round? There are other types of guns that function much better in that role.

Of coursem if the goal was a dedicated 22 build then that makes sense.

Link Posted: 3/14/2011 12:48:02 AM EST
Correct !

The point in ownership is the joy of having / owning what i consider to be a great rifle ( although altered to comply with UK law )

We all have to comply with the law of the land and it is the sad case over here that we cannot own what we want. it is also true that unlike the USA we have not got the facilities for practical AR shooting that you have in most states.

Although altered it is still great to shoot. The idea from the start was for .223 and a .22 upper. Once i have this most of my fun shooting will be .22.

As for other rifles that function much better, you are correct and i have a few of those also


Link Posted: 3/14/2011 3:18:32 AM EST
Well done, looks good. Should scare the heck out of your neighbors.
Know what you mean about the grip, TD is pretty much same too. MOE grip should be fine unless you have gorilla sized paws.
Link Posted: 3/14/2011 4:10:45 AM EST
If you should happen to move here, I'll buy you your gas tube! Nice rifle.
Link Posted: 3/14/2011 4:28:09 AM EST
Nice rifle. I've been looking at those troy CQB Grips, you say they are small. Small as in short?(i.e. length from trigger guard to bottom of grip) or small as in the thickness?(i.e. diameter of the grip) I currently have a FAB AG-43 and find it a little large for me thin but long fingers. I like the diameter of the FAB but not the length.
Link Posted: 3/17/2011 7:45:50 AM EST

Just swapped the CQB grip for a Hogue. MUCH better in the hand. Placed the Troy grip on top of the Hogue so you can see the size difference. nice new Troy trigger guard fitted also following the advise on here ! feels and looks a lot better

Link Posted: 3/17/2011 7:47:12 AM EST
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