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Posted: 2/3/2011 5:41:34 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/10/2021 12:20:20 PM EST by VA-gunnut]
Link Posted: 2/3/2011 5:57:59 PM EST
Since these are parts that I see people overpay on just about every damn day...

www.soviet-military.com  for bakelite AK mags, Russian wood furniture, Russian waffle mags, slabsides, other various parts for AK's at better prices than most folks flip them for.

also check gunbroker.com for bakelite mags, as lots of people from the Ukraine have sprung up on there selling them for 30-40 bucks.  http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/SellerAuctions.aspx?User=1672620
Link Posted: 2/3/2011 6:29:18 PM EST
Find some of the rarer Izhmash items here at less than gunbroker gouging prices

$25 Bulgy 74 stock sets
Link Posted: 2/4/2011 1:07:08 AM EST
Mil spec chrome lined East German Ak74 brake for 35 +shipping.

Link Posted: 2/4/2011 11:32:11 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/5/2011 5:18:04 PM EST by VA-gunnut]
Link Posted: 2/4/2011 2:57:30 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/5/2011 5:18:12 PM EST by VA-gunnut]
Link Posted: 2/4/2011 3:01:20 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/5/2011 5:18:22 PM EST by VA-gunnut]
Link Posted: 2/12/2011 10:13:11 AM EST
CMMG has TAPCO 30 Round AK47 mags for 10$........................Sully
Link Posted: 2/14/2011 12:59:19 PM EST
[Last Edit: 2/14/2011 1:05:46 PM EST by CENTCOM_Survivor]



Just ordered 3 for plus $10 shipping $40 total.
Link Posted: 2/28/2011 12:58:53 PM EST
Of course there is the Ironwood "woodpile" for blemished/seconds AK furniture.

Link Posted: 3/2/2011 12:06:58 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/2/2011 12:07:52 PM EST by rcbif]
Hard-to-find  Chinese AK Butt stocks for Stamped receiver AK's. Great for those converting MAK-90's to regular stock AK's

I have no relation to seller, just a satisfied customer who bought from him. Make him an offer. He has lots of them.


Link Posted: 3/2/2011 8:45:17 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/2/2011 8:47:46 PM EST by quest84]
Tapco... I know... but they'd make good range mags for $6.95 each
This week only and $9 flat rate shipping
Link Posted: 3/10/2011 2:15:26 AM EST
30 round surplus mags for $8.95 if you buy 10. They will ship Priority Mail for $15.

They are listed as "European" but they sure look chinese to me...

Link Posted: 3/14/2011 2:20:00 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/14/2011 2:21:17 PM EST by agentsteve]
Really, Really Cheap Bulgarian Steel Mags:

$8.95 for one or $7.95 each if you buy 10.  Don't know how much shipping is.

These are new production, but very high quality.  I bought a few of these from a different company, all functioned flawlessly, you get them new in a lightly oiled pouch, no nasty cosmoline to clean up.

And for those of you who need something pre-ban:

Pre-ban Chinese flat back mags for $13 each.
I bought 8, all seemed brand new.  These come in Cosmoline and brown cancer paper.  Shipping is $10 flat rate.
Link Posted: 3/16/2011 3:10:38 AM EST
^^^ Aim has Chinese too for $8.95 listed as "European" mags.

$15 flat rate USPS shipping.

I bought 10 and all of them showed up brand new, even though they said some were used. Killer deal!
Link Posted: 5/18/2011 8:26:57 PM EST
hey polish AK guys. roninsgrips has now started a great looking run of "polish orange"  grips. i have a few on order as we speak. he got the color down pretty good so we can finally use a cool original looking U.S grip toward our parts count.
not sure if he has the pics up yet but  here is the link: linky   great guy to deal w/ too.
Link Posted: 9/2/2011 7:28:33 AM EST
Kvar is having a 15% off labor day sale on some items. Can be seen here:
Code: lds2011
Good until 9/6/11
Link Posted: 10/28/2011 12:16:44 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/23/2011 2:13:41 AM EST
Any Saiga 7.62x39, .223, or 5.45x39 caliber Rifle or a Saiga .410 shotgun, for only $299.99

Link Posted: 11/24/2011 9:31:33 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/29/2011 7:08:01 PM EST by quest84]
$7.99  ak74 5.45x39 mags
Link Posted: 12/20/2011 2:38:48 PM EST
Tapco AK47 Mags in Black for $5.24 Each


Link Posted: 2/11/2012 10:28:12 AM EST
Originally Posted By quest84:
$7.99  ak74 5.45x39 mags

Called up- these are ProMag brand
Link Posted: 3/8/2012 1:35:26 PM EST
Good to excellent condition  Polish Beryl stocks. $100-$120.

Link Posted: 3/12/2012 12:19:14 PM EST
BCE AKBC AK Battle Comp for $40 under retail.

Hey all,

I've had battle comps on my ARs for a while now and have been awaiting the release of the AK battle comp. Now that they are out only one or two places had them in stock and they all wanted near retail. (Brownell's was $215). I came across a distributor site for them that has them in stock for $179.99 plus $6.95 shipping.

Grabbed one for myself and wanted to pass along the info.

AK Battle Comp

Link Posted: 4/18/2012 2:54:15 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/20/2012 10:02:33 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/4/2012 2:05:22 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/4/2012 2:07:30 PM EST by plouffedaddy]
Krebs Safety $42.95

I bought one just to see if it was an actual Krebs safety because it seemed too good to be true at that price.  Well, it is a Krebs.  Good company to deal with as well.
Link Posted: 5/28/2012 12:47:13 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/12/2012 12:06:27 AM EST
Originally Posted By alee18:
Complete Russian furniture set for AK 74/47


Wow. I never thought 2x the selling price is a deal.
Link Posted: 6/12/2012 12:09:49 AM EST
Originally Posted By CGP2:
Originally Posted By alee18:
Complete Russian furniture set for AK 74/47


Wow. I never thought 2x the selling price is a deal.

Yeah, RRC Firearms and "good deal" really don't go together.  They have appealing inventory, but insane prices on a lot of it.
Link Posted: 9/14/2012 12:28:15 AM EST
Centerfire has a few of the PSL "armorer's kits" back in stock. Aside from the gnarly amounts of cosmoline, they seem to be a great buy.


All numbers seem to match on the one my buddy just received. I wish I had the $$$. I'd snap one up for a rainy day. His boly had the firing pin, but no firing pin spring, FYI. YMMV, and the kits say "as-is" in their advert.

Link Posted: 11/9/2012 6:29:42 PM EST
SGM Tactical (surefire) Saiga 20 gauge tri-rail handguard , these are supposed to work for Vepr rifles as well (hope so, bought one to try ) 39.95 w/ free shipping, best price i've seen on these:

Link Posted: 12/4/2012 9:51:32 AM EST
Tapco 30 rounders for $5.57!

I've got 25 of em coming

Link Posted: 2/11/2013 10:58:09 PM EST
Link Posted: 2/16/2013 1:18:49 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/16/2013 2:31:53 AM EST by Suburban]
Originally Posted By tarteman:
AK 47 & AK74 40 Round Mags


Galati International has Tapco 30-rounders for about the same price, or they did earlier today.  Limit 5.
Nevermind.  Sold out now.  They have 20-rounders for about $25.  Ouch!

Wholesalehunter.com has Tapco 30-round AK-74 mags for $13.99.  I will warn you that Tapco mag springs are about half the length of a military AK-74 mag, and about 75% the length of a ProMag spring.  Strangely, nobody sells surplus AK-74 mag springs, and Wolff isn't interested in making them.
Link Posted: 3/4/2013 11:35:46 AM EST
Copes have SGM SAIGA 8RD 12GA MAGAZINE [BS1-A6] Price: $34.99 This mag hold 8 rounds of 12 gauge ammunition for the Saiga 12 gauge Shotgun. Made in the USA
Link Posted: 3/21/2013 1:40:54 AM EST
[Last Edit: 3/21/2013 1:41:23 AM EST by Suburban]

Promag 20 round Saiga-12 Drum - $150
Link Posted: 3/25/2013 10:40:16 AM EST
Copes Distributors, Russian 5.45x39 1080Rnd. Tin Price: $204.99 LIMIT 2 TINS PER ORDER
Link Posted: 4/17/2013 2:42:06 PM EST
Surplus AK 3-mag belt pouches, these are Argentine mil-surp, just got mine, extremely thick material in awesome condition, if you just need something simple and cheap and not overly tacticool, these are priced right at 12.50 shipped for a pair of them.

Link Posted: 4/18/2013 12:15:41 PM EST
Pro Mag AKA16 AK-47 7.62mmX39mm 72 rd Black Finish

http://www.firearmsforsale.com/pro-mag-aka16-ak-47-7-62mmx39mm-72-rd-black-finish-ffs/ - $99
Link Posted: 4/27/2013 12:57:22 PM EST
I just recently got some ak mags from white mongoose weaponry. Www.wmweaponry.com great customer service!
Link Posted: 5/12/2013 3:54:11 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/12/2013 3:55:56 PM EST by Etown_ak]
Never mind, delete.
Link Posted: 7/18/2013 7:27:10 PM EST
Primary Arms is having a clearance sale, got a fair bit of AK products, lot of MI handguards/rails and such, some Tapco stuff etc.

Link Posted: 7/22/2013 4:31:30 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/8/2013 4:34:12 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/18/2013 3:30:01 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/14/2013 9:03:16 PM EST
[Last Edit: 10/14/2013 9:03:59 PM EST by Krink]
Link Posted: 10/22/2013 8:37:07 PM EST
The sub-$10.00 muzzle device, 6.40 plus shipping, 9 bucks and change to your door, got one and it's my favorite now: http://www.northerngunparts.com/ak-473prongflashhider.aspx
Link Posted: 10/28/2013 6:04:07 PM EST
Copes Distributing has used Polish Tantal AK-74 (5.45x39) 30-round magazines in "Good" condition for $14.99 with flat-rate $10 shipping to the lower 48 states.  Shows surface wear.  Polish Tantal AK-74 30 Rounds for $14.99
Link Posted: 11/7/2013 10:51:34 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/12/2013 7:30:14 PM EST by Dragynn]
AK 3-cell mag pouches, I believe these are Argentine, whole lot of them popping up lately, these are the cheapest i've found, $4.74 shipped :


ETA:  Got them yesterday and they are NOT the canvas pouches pictured, they are some kind of heavy green cloth, they still have the leather tabs for the closures. Never seen pouches like them, they aren't bad, very deep, just not what was pictured and not what I was expecting, but the description did say that pouches delivered could differ from pouch pictured.

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