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BROWNELLS AR-15 Armorer's Wrench

33% OFF
Multiple Tools In One - You'll Always Want It Close By!

You'll find yourself reaching for the Brownells Armorer's Wrench a lot when you're working on AR-15s. The standard 6-pin barrel nut wrench works on both peg-style and encapsulated barrel nuts. The "can’t slip" 4-pin castle nut wrench enables secure installation and removal of M4-carbine type receiver extensions. (NOTE: the stock must be removed so the castle nut wrench can be slid over the buffer tube to access the nut.)

There's a cutout for an A2 receiver extension nut, another cutout for a 1/2" torque drive, and slots for 5/8" and 3/4" wrench flats on flash hiders and muzzle brakes. Of course, our armorer's wrench has the last-a-lifetime quality you expect from Brownells tools: heavy-duty steel construction, precise dimensions, and a comfortable anti-slip matte finish.
  • Posted By WitnessThis
  • Posted 6/4/2024 9:40:00 AM EDT
  • Brand Brownells
  • Category Tools