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AR500 Armor Testudo Lite Carrier with Plates and Double Rifle Mag Pouch - Coyote

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AR500 Armor
AR500 Armor Testudo Lite Plate Carrier - Coyote
Testudo Plate Carrier has all the features you need for supreme coverage and maximum utility. The fully adjustable cummerbund and shoulder straps provide a perfect fit for body types of all sizes. Side armor pockets are integrated into the cummerbund if you decide for extra coverage. The Testudo carrier securely fits 10"x12" or 11"x14" plates and the exterior features plenty of room for all of your mission-critical MOLLE attached equipment. The AR500 Armor Testudo Plate Carrier features American-made, military-grade impact resistant buckles and a tough 500 Cordura nylon construction to ensure lasting and dependable use in the field. As AR500's flagship carrier you can be sure that the highly versatile Testudo is a good choice for anyone looking for a securely fitting plate carrier with maximum flexibility and modularity.

500D Cordura
Adjustable Cummerbund
Integrated Side Armor Pouches
Adjustable Shoulder Pads
Fits Medium to XL body sizes
Accommodates 10"x12" or 11"x14" plates

AR500 Armor 10" x 12" ASC Trauma Pad
R500 Armor's blunt force trauma pads are a must-have add on for every plate carrier. Simply place the pad between your armor plates and your body to reduce the blunt force trauma caused by impacts to the armor plates. These panels do not offer ballistic protection and only reduce energy transfer from the plates to your body.

10" x 12" pattern with ASC cuts
Lightweight at 5.9 Oz
Ultra-thin pad is just 0.25"
Reduces energy transfer from armor
Reduces injury from backface deformation
Does not increase ballistic protection

AR500 Armor 10" x 12" Level III Curved ASC Plate
AR500 Armor's Level III body armor is an advanced, multi-hit capable personal body armor plate, and the lightest steel core body armor in the world! The light weight design coupled with a multi-curve contour and advanced shooters cuts makes this plate exceptionally ergonomic and can even be worn with soft body armor plates for enhanced ballistic and blunt force protection. At just 9.5 lbs. and capable of defeating threats from M193 and SS109 5.56 NATO rounds to M80 Ball 7.62x51 NATO, this plate is an easy choice.

Commercial Level III Rating
Ergonomic Multi-curve contour
Advanced Shooters Cut
10" x 12" plate size
Ballistic Steel Core construction
Base Coating
20 Year Shelf life
Weighs just 9.5 lbs!

AR500 Armor Multi Caliber Double Rifle Mag Pouch - Coyote
This AR 500 Armor Multi Caliber Double Rifle Mag Pouch attaches to PALS compatible plate carriers. The retention strap will keep your magazine secure but it's easy to rip open for quick access when you need it. Additionally, users can adjust the strap for different sizes of magazines and desired levels of retention or   just remove the strap entirely to make it an open top magazine pouch.

1000D Cordura nylon
MOLLE Compatible
Adjustable/Removable Retention Strap
  • Posted By Joshuasaur
  • Posted 5/20/2024 12:27:00 PM EDT
  • Brand AR500 Armor
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