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Buy the Tisas 1911 Raider Duty pistols from BattleHawk Armory!

Tisas continues its legacy of transforming the 1911 market with the introduction of the 1911 Raider B9RDG a faithful reproduction of the M45A1 service pistol used by Marine Corps Special Operations troops globally. Built on the success of the iconic 1911 A1 US Army, the Raider B9RDG offers collectors and competitive shooters alike a chance to own a pistol that seamlessly combines performance, value, and cutting-edge design.

The Raider B9RDG faithfully reproduces the M45A1 service pistol, capturing the essence of the elite sidearm used by Marine Corps Special Operations troops. It's not just a pistol; it's a symbol of precision and excellence.

Crafted from forged carbon steel, the full-size frame with a Picatinny rail ensures durability and provides a platform for modern accessories. The government-length slide complements the traditional design with a touch of innovation.

The Flat Dark Earth (FDE) Cerakote finish adds a modern touch while enhancing corrosion resistance. The Raider B9RDG is built to withstand the rigors of any mission, delivering reliability in any environment.

The 5" cold hammer-forged barrel with Clark/Para Ramp ensures exceptional accuracy and reliable performance. Each shot with the Raider B9RDG is a testament to precision craftsmanship.

The heart of the Raider B9RDG lies in its Colt  70 Series internals, known for reliability and proven performance. It continues the legacy of the 1911's heritage while meeting the demands of modern shooters.

The Raider B9RDG comes equipped with Novak style 3-dot sights, offering quick and precise target acquisition. Whether in training or on a mission, these sights enhance your shooting experience.

The textured G10 grips in a black/FDE color combination ensure a secure and comfortable hold. These grips contribute to the Raider B9RDG's aesthetics while providing enhanced control.

Tisas Issued Series pistols come standard with a premium lockable hard case, two magazines, cleaning kit, bushing wrench, trigger lock, and instruction manual a comprehensive package for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Tisas 1911 Raider B9RDG combines the classic appeal of the 1911 with modern innovation. Elevate your collection or enhance your shooting experience with a pistol that seamlessly blends tradition and cutting-edge design.

Choose the Tisas 1911 Raider B9RDG at BattleHawk Armory a faithful reproduction that continues the legacy of performance, value, and precision in the world of 1911 pistols.
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  • Posted 5/20/2024 12:02:00 PM EDT
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