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Gerber Bushcraft Axe

50% OFF
Surviving in the wild takes no shortage of knowledge, a keen awareness, and tools you can depend on when things go sideways. Gear that multi-tasks is key when every ounce is accounted for. The Bushcraft Axe addresses two primary needs: starting fire and building shelter. The ergonomic design reduces weight and improves grip for long haul use, and the blade features machined relief for deeper cuts. Yet, the genius is in what you can’t see: two gear storage compartments that are water-resistant and can house paracord and a mini size lighter (or fire starting material).

Waterproof gear storage stick
Paracord – 9’
Dry tinder or mini lighter storage
Forged single piece axe head and overstrike guard
Rubber overmold grip
Porting for weight reduction
Overall length: 26.25”
Blade length: 6.87”
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Surviving in the wild takes nothing short of keen awareness, knowledge, and tools you can depend on. The Bushcraft Axe was built for this exact purpose – to be your go-to tool in the wild.

The corrosion resistant blade features a built-in relief for deeper cuts with less effort.
Hammer head sits opposite the blade and acts as a striking surface.
Integrated overstrike guard adds protection in case you miss the target.
The real genius lies in what you can’t see, with a gear storage compartment that is water resistant and houses 9” of paracord and a lighter.
Nothing about heading to the unknown is easy, but having the right tools on hand can help you feel prepared.
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  • Posted 9/4/2023 1:50:00 PM EST
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