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AB Suppressor Warthog 7.62

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During development of the Warthog, AB Suppressor recognized this new suppressor was going to be unlike anything the market had seen before. Like its name suggested, the background of the Warthog suppressor started off very similar to the A-10 Warthog jet. AB engineers reviewed the most common firearm hosts used by today''s Military, Law enforcement, and Sportsman. Upon review AB, designed a suppressor for the host rather than focusing on the calibers alone.

Through intensive R&D and some OCD perfectionism. AB engineered the Warthog which boasts the ultimate in durability, maneuverability, sound mitigation, and flash signature reduction.

The Warthog is available is in a 7.62 configuration and 5.56 configuration. The Warthog is AB Suppressors first duty rated can. 17-4 Stainless steel, Full auto rated, built in flash hider, and engineered with the industry standard 1 3/8-24 QD mounting option in the rear of the suppressor. Right out of the box the suppressor is ready to go for any QD 1 3/8s threaded mounting options. E.I. Keymo, YHM, ASR, Plan A, and Plan B to just name a few.
To make sure the consumer can use the Warthog immediately upon form, each configuration includes a 1 3/8s flush mount. The 7.62 includes a 5/8-24 flush mount and the 5.56 includes a 1/2-28 flush mount.
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  • Posted 1/26/2023 3:29:00 PM EDT
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