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Shield Arms - S15 15 Rd Gen 2 Magazine for Glock® 48/43x

13% OFF
50% MORE Capacity Than Factory Magazine, SAME Size!

The Shield Arms S15 Magazine boosts the capacity of your Glock 43X or 48 an additional FIVE rounds, from 10 to 15, without extending any farther out the magwell than the factory magazine. The result is a super-compact, easy-to-carry 9mm pistol with the same mag capacity as the much larger Glock 19!
The S15 gives you this firepower boost without sacrificing the reliability of your pistol. The Shield crew designed an all-steel mag body that frees up more interior space than found in the factory''s thicker polymer-and-steel walled mags. The redesigned interior geometry introduces some "stagger" in the round stack - enough to squeeze in an extra 5 rounds. At the same time, when the S15 magazine is seated, the base plate still fits flush across the bottom of the grip.

  • MORE capacity: 15 rounds vs. factory mag''s 10
  • NO added bulk - fits flush to underside of magwell
  • SAME reliability as factory mag
  • Rugged all-STEEL construction
  • Fits Glock G43X and G48 ONLY
  • Gen 2 Ambidextrous Magazine

The S15''s no-flex body of hardened steel has a durable satin-black Everlube finish.

The bottom line: The Shield Arms has produced a rugged, reliable magazine with 50% more capacity with NO need for any extended base pad that sticks out below the grip and makes your EDC pistol less easy to conceal!
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  • Posted 7/29/2021 8:34:00 PM EDT
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