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SafeLife Defense Flexible Armor Panels 10x12

10% OFF
Traditional 10x12 Armor Panels in a flexible configuration.

TRULY FLEXIBLE RIFLE ARMOR: Conforms and Feels like Soft Armor
Standalone Rating: Multi-Hit .223/5.56 (Including SS109 & XM193) as well as 7.6239 when used on its own
ICW Rating: Multi-Hit Level III+ for .308 & 7.62x54r when used in conjunction with iiia or iiia+ armor
Blunt Force Protection: All ratings are within the NIJ Safe Zone of 44mm BFD
Additional Protection: Handgun, Shotgun, Strike, Slash, Stab & Taser Resistant
Spike Rating: NIJ Level 3 up to 65 Joules of Force
Weight: 3.97 lbs | Thickness: 0.73
Extreme Comfort: Easy to Wear for 12+ Hours
Unmatched by ANYTHING on the Market
30 Day Fit and Satisfaction Guarantee
5 Year Warranty and Incident Guarantee
  • Posted By Buffman_LT1
  • Posted 5/6/2021 7:17:00 PM EST
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