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PRE-ORDER Brownells BRN-180 Stripped Lower Receiver Forged - $129.99 shipped with code "L6S"

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  • Posted By: Stylz
  • Posted Date: 2/12/2020 1:57:00 PM EST
  • Deal Type: Online Only
  • Brand: Brownells
  • Category: Firearms
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Mfr Part: 100-036-374WB

The Brownells BRN-180 Lower Receiver is a forged lower receiver that pays homage to Eugene Stoner and Arthur Miller’s original AR-18 rifle designed in 1963 with all the right visual lines, yet brings in modern AR-15 lower receiver features for a product that gives you the best of both worlds.

While the original AR-18/AR-180 receiver was constructed from stamped steel, the BRN-180 Lower Receiver is built from 7075 aluminum forgings and is up to the standards of modern AR-15 lower receiver construction. Don’t worry though, we’ve made sure that these forged lower receivers have the cosmetic ‘weld’ marks of the stamped originals.

The BRN-180 lower receiver utilizes standard Mil-Spec AR-15 lower parts kits, and feed from USGI STANAG style magazines.

At the rear of the BRN-180 Lower Receiver you will find a 1913 picatinny rail section in place of the unnecessary traditional AR-15 buffer tube threads. This allows for out of the box stock or pistol brace solutions such as those for the Sig MCX or MPX that give you ability to take advantage of the BRN-180 Upper Receivers ‘fire while folded’ design.

Forged 7075 aluminum with anodized finish
Accepts standard Mil-Spec AR-15 lower receiver parts kits
1913 picatinny stock/brace mounting section
The Brownells BRN-180 line of products continues to offer the perfect blend of original styling and design, while incorporating modern firearm materials and advancements, and Brownells is proud to add the BRN-180 Lower Receiver as a continuation of this product line.

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