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Spring Sale! Big Brass Combo

7% OFF
Whether you want to easily collect your brass for reloading, or just want to deflect brass while shooting, Brass Goat has you covered.

Brass Goat is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Brass Goat is designed for AR-15 mil-spec dimension lower receivers. For more information about compatibility visit

  • Streamlined Profile: Designed to collect fired brass without jams
  • Rapid-Attach Mounting System: Snaps onto your lower-receiver magwell in seconds
  • Flexible Design: Can be used as a 1-piece or 2-piece accessory

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View our YouTube Channel Brass Goat by Magwell Mounts to see Brass Goat in action.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Does Brass Goat jam? The Brass Goat is specifically designed and engineered not to jam. The curvature of the deflector ensures that the flight pattern of the brass is directed down into the hopper. Our proprietary deflector design allows for a streamlined profile without causing any jams.
  2. How do I attach and remove Brass Goat from my firearm? Brass Goat snaps onto your lower receiver magwell. Brass Goat does not cover the mag release.
  3. What should I know before using Brass Goat? We recommend using a small amount of gun lubricating oil on your lower receiver prior to attachment in order to reduce friction. We also polish our receivers with lubricating oil after removing Brass Goat, although it''''s not required.
  4. Do you make a version for firearms besides the AR-15? Currently Brass Goat is only available for the AR-15. We are in active product development for future variations and feedback from customers and firearm owners is key in helping us produce the firearms accessories on the market. We are working quickly to launch the AR-10 Brass Goat in mid-2021. Visit and subscribe to receive notifications on future product releases.
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  • Posted 3/5/2021 1:35:00 PM EDT
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