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M4E1 MOE SL Lower Parts Kit


Aero Precision’s line of Lower Parts Kits featuring Magpul™ Grips is designed to be versatile for your needs. Each kit is available with MOE® and MOE SL® Grip Options in Black and FDE. Buy with our tried and true mil-spec Fire Control Group or save for an upgraded trigger with our MINUS FCG offerings.

This M4E1 Lower Parts Kit includes the components needed to assemble an Aero Precision M4E1 Lower Receiver or similar mil-spec lower receiver. It features a Magpul MOE SL® Grip. This kit DOES NOT include a trigger guard as the trigger guard is built in to the M4E1 Lower Receiver. See below for a full list of included components.

   Magpul MOE SL® Grip in Black or FDE
   Takedown Pin
   Pivot Pin
   Takedown/Pivot Detent
   Takedown/Pivot Spring
   Bolt Catch
   Bolt Catch Buffer
   Bolt Catch Roll Pin
   Bolt Catch Spring
   Magazine Catch Body
   Magazine Catch Button
   Magazine Catch Spring
   Buffer Retainer
   Buffer Retainer Spring
   Safety Selector
   Safety Selector Spring
   Safety Selector Detent
   4-40 Set Screw (for threaded takedown pin detent hole)
   Trigger Spring
   Trigger/Hammer Pins
   Hammer Spring
   Disconnector Spring

Planning to upgrade your trigger? Check out our M4E1 Lower Parts Kit with Magpul™ MOE SL® Grip Minus FCG.

This lower parts kit is also available with a Magpul™ MOE® Grip.
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