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Posted: 6/28/2017 9:01:13 PM EDT
I am a pretty good shooter. I get as much training as I can and I work at it. In the past few months my vision has crapped out. I have trouble seeing things up close. My bright orange Ameriglo I dots are now blurry. I had some bifocals made but then I have to hold my head up/slightly change presentation. I just went to a Low light class. I wore reading glasses. I could see my front sights fine and had good groups. Good groups in targets that were now blurry. I am going to get a set of Ashley express Big dots. Any other ideas?
Link Posted: 6/29/2017 3:43:19 PM EDT
I have not tried this (yet, but my time is coming) have your prescription ground at the top of the lens not the bottom.

You can ask your ophthalmologist to measure you, your eye, and where your sights fall from your body. I have read (again not tried) that this information can fine tune a set of glasses for you. Tell your Dr that you will be bringing a disabled firearm in if it is needed.

Good Luck, let us know what works for you. We are all getting older...dang it.
Link Posted: 6/29/2017 9:51:55 PM EDT
Since my eye surgery to correct myopia ( nearsightedness) I have also become farsighted (although it was a smashing success for my far vision)
I have difficulty seeing an iron sight clear w/o glasses, this is worse with pistols (even though on a very bright day this issue is diminished to some extent)

Couple of stop gaps:

Move your redot further down the rifle, this will increase the distance from your eye to the dot and perhaps re establish it within your eye's minimal focal length.
I personally find the 68 MOA ring with the small middle dot reticle offered by the EOtech superior to the simple redot for my broadly similar vision issue as the ring helps me center the dot on accuracy shots and I still shoot quite nicely with this arrangement.
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