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Posted: 6/30/2016 9:30:23 PM EDT
Sheriff of Baghdad (John McPhee) 1-Day Premium Pistol Course (Video Diagnostics), June 24 2016

High View, WV

Class size: 6
Duration: 0900-1800
Round count: ~150
Instructors: 1 (Shrek)

I am writing this AAR since I would love to share my experiences with this course. To start with a look at the class size will show you that you are going to get good quality time with the instructor. I have never been in a class this small (and purposely small). Once we went through the day it became obvious why it was this small. There was much to review and cover and when video (with coaches eye) is added you can see with your own eyes your mistakes and get good direct (and visual) feedback.

The class was informal with big boy rules on handling your weapon. Essentially we were there to analyze all aspects of our pistol skills to see what we were doing right and what we were doing wrong. After introductions we started the class with Shrek filming us drawing, firing two rounds at a target, reloading, then firing two more. He filed all 6 of us and then we moved back to the monitor to do the detailed reviews. His use of Coaches eye allows him to look at everything. An example of the things he goes into detail on the following:

Stance - Is your head over the lead foot, where are your shoulders, are you getting pushback, what are your hips doing, genetic parallax (Head/shoulders in relation to sites). He shows you on video what you are doing but where you should be. He spends ~3min on this alone (per person). He does the same thing on grip (~3min), presentation (~3min), and reload (4min).

This was frankly eye opening. I have been hearing all my life about how I “jerk the trigger” and that is why I shoot low left. He points out this is actually bullshit and the problem was a mixture of grip and stance. When we went back out and I started indexing, gripping, and using the better stance and my groups moved the center of the target.

He blew away the “jerking the trigger” myth by having one of students get into the proper stance, grip, etc. He then inserted a metal ratchet into the trigger. While the student aimed he hit the ratchet 3 times in succession..hard. The groups were just fine.

We moved on to some drills to continue practicing on what he showed us. We eventually did two more video sessions. One on tap/rack/bang and one on the Yemen drill. On the TRB drill he coached us on how to be more efficient and what exactly we are doing on this drill. For example how you should not move your supporting hand at all during this drill other than to do the pinch for the rack part.

Due to how this class was run, the use of video/coaches eye, and Shreks coaching a high round count was not needed. I learned things that no other instructor had ever pointed out to me. I am also shaking my head on all the ammo I shot up without knowing some of these things (or being told). Not to mention the B.S. I was told like “jerking the trigger” and “60/40” are now going to be ignored and mocked. In addition all the videos, with his comments and markings, are sent to you. So you can review them as many times as you need to.

Overall I highly, highly recommend taking this class from McPhee. I know at this point I doubt I will train with any other instructor. Especially since for a small fee I can just video myself and send it in to his GunfighterU at any time to get another analysis done.
Link Posted: 10/21/2016 11:16:01 PM EDT
I just took a class with John, and came to post pretty much this. The round count may look low, and it may not sound Gucci, but if you just want to get better at shooting, John can dial you in quickly. Not only can he explain the WHY of his methods, he will prove it to you by improving your own times on video with slow motion analysis. To top it off, John is an incredibly personable coach, and will make everyone feel welcome with plenty of fun banter and crazy stories about his time in the army. If you take one class next year, take it with this guy.
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