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Posted: 8/13/2007 8:16:25 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/13/2007 8:17:35 PM EDT by ikickhippies]
So I've finally broken down and am building a range box. I've got access to some land and have built some target stands on it. Below is a list of stuff that I am keeping in it's own box. If you have any items to add to the list please post them.

All this is range specific, My firearms/ammo/mags/ears/eyes are in a totally different bag. This box is taken to an outdoor range.

Range Box [toolbox or ammo can]
Staple Gun & Staples
Shoot N C
Masking tape 1"
spare ears [primary stay in the range bag] & plugs
index cards [various sizes]
paper plates
clothes pins
bug spray

anyone got anything else?
Link Posted: 8/13/2007 8:17:47 PM EDT
wet wipes
Link Posted: 8/14/2007 3:29:41 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/14/2007 1:52:23 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/14/2007 1:54:05 PM EDT by callgood]
Basically, everything!

I have one of the plastic tool boxes from Lowes. Compartments in the top for more needed items. Pull out tool tray inside. In the bottom are Plano plastic tackle containers- the ones you can configure with plastic tabs. I have one of these for each caliber I shoot and take the specific one to the range. They have all my spare parts, springs, etc.

Partial list- jags, brushes, small bottle of solvent, patches (I usually run a couple of patches thru when I'm finished and run a wet one, let it soak on the way home). Cleaning rod. Screwdriver set. Small multi-tool (micro size). Small notebook and pens- one's a Sharpie to blacken sights if needed. Small can aerosol sun screen. Ammo. Mags. Chronograph, if I'm going to use it. Foam ear plugs. Shop rag. I started carrying a pair of shooting gloves when a steel sliver came back and bored in a knuckle. Package of small paper plates. Masking tape. Spare 9v battery for the chronograph.

Go down with my ear protection around my neck and carry a small tripod if I'm chronographing.

The range has staplers/staples, but I have one in my trunk.

Link Posted: 8/15/2007 9:28:11 AM EDT
I have one of the hernia inducing range bags, not a box.

printed targets
stapler and staples
various books of drills
notebook and pens
bug spray
various sample bottles of lube
bag of dummy rounds
spare batterys for timer and eotech.
roll of sports tape
water bottle
spare parts and springs
ear and eye pro
various boresnakes
compact binocs

In my truck I always have;
spare IPSC targets
roll of butcher paper to staple to shot up IPSC targets(Voila, new target, I'm cheap)
a dog pooper scooper that is my brass picker upper, and a bucket for brass.
Target sticks
Cheap target stands
cinderblocks to weight down the target stand if it's windy.
Baby wipes.
Canteen for more water.
Tool box with tools.
Tarp for brass catching if shooting at the ranch.

Link Posted: 8/15/2007 10:59:53 AM EDT
dont forget some sort of trauma kit.
Link Posted: 8/15/2007 9:27:19 PM EDT
sandbags, rucksack, towel (+most of the already posted stuff)

Link Posted: 8/16/2007 8:48:06 PM EDT

Originally Posted By markdl000:
dont forget some sort of trauma kit.

Big +1

Even just the basics, 4X4's, wrap, large compress, air tight seal, a pair or two of rubber gloves, and some hand sanitizer. You can fit the whole thing in an old AR mag pouch. The 3 mag mil surplus with the straps cut out. I toss in a red sharpie to mark targets and a roll of electrical tape for general patching.
Link Posted: 8/17/2007 3:44:47 AM EDT

Originally Posted By markdl000:
dont forget some sort of trauma kit.

And some training to know how to use it...

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