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Posted: 5/4/2017 11:29:24 AM EST
This isn't a "which caddy is best" or "how many rounds is the magic end all be all" but for your intermediate shooters and ever professionals... how many rounds over course requirement do you bring in stage with you?

I currently have an invictus DeTurk 32 round vest which is overkill for some stages but I've been on 32 round stages where I am glad I didn't skimp. However I went for the real over kill and used all 4 of my taccom 6up belt caddies (which are freaking huge for only holding 6 shells)

I want to upgrade my taccom to more invictus gear but out of curiosity sake, say you start with 9+1 and the stage dictates 15 rounds

How many would you personally bring and feel comfortable that with a malfunction you won't run out?

For awhile I was running an 870 with a mim extractor that sometimes I would have to dump a couple rounds before it would extract a stuck shell (so one stuck shell cost me 4 rounds) I've finally remedied that but my paranoia still has me bringing 30 rounds to a 10 round stage and I'm looking for input on tightening down the confidence and skill
Link Posted: 6/21/2017 7:14:59 AM EST
Why not fix the gun?

Life's too short for guns that don't work right.

Anyway, I'd carry whatever you can fit.
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