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Posted: 6/18/2009 6:31:02 AM EST
DVC Training will be hosting a Basic Tactical Rifle Course at their range near Richmond, KS on the 25-26 of July 2009.

Basic course outline and requirements are as follows:

Training Prerequisite - Familiarity with basic operation of your weapon systems.
Approved Weapons:
- Any HK-style weapon
- M4/M16 family of weapons in any caliber
- Kalashnikov family of weapons in any caliber
- Pistol of any caliber with holster

Required equipment:
- Minimum of 4 magazines for the rifle
- Minimum of 3 magazines for the pistol
- Weapon sling (tactical type that allows the weapon to be carried muzzle down, hands free, is preferred)
- Weapon cleaning equipment
- Load bearing kit capable of carrying a minimum of 3 extra magazines
- Gloves (if using a kalashnikov)
- Wrap around eye protection
- Ear protection
- Hat with a bill
- Fluids

Recommended equipment:
- Camelback
- Dump pouch
- Snivel gear (we will train in inclement weather)
- Sports drinks or rehydration mixes

Course outline:
The emphasis of the course is on weapons manipulation and close range marksmanship within 50 yards.

Disassembly and maintenance
Sling usage
Basic tactical marksmanship principles with emphasis on fast sight acquisition
Basic ready positions
Basic shooting positions
Tactical / emergency reloads
Malfunction clearance
Transitioning to a secondary weapon
Using cover effectively
Moving with the weapon
Shooting while moving
Use of non-typical cover

Student requirements:
Positive attitude and a willingness to train!
Good physical condition (training is not overly demanding, but participants should be able to rapidly move from a variety of shooting platforms.)

Ammuntion requirements:
700 rifle
150 handgun

Tuition for the course will be $200.

Randy Hudspeth will be the guest instructor for this class. Website will have Randy's instructor bio.

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