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Posted: 3/19/2013 8:34:48 AM EDT
ATG is operated by Adam Newbold. He is a Intelligence Specialist, Special Operator, Senior Chief, US Navy SEAL. He has 18 years with the SEAL Teams and almost 19 years in the Navy. He is a Naval Instructor and a Master Training Specialist. ATG offers course in Personal defense, CCW, Tactical Pistol 1, Tactical Rifle 1, Tactical Pistol and Carbine, Rifle Marksmanship, and Woodland Survival. ATG is a fairly new organization but it is quickly growing and new courses are being looked at and offered. Also offered by ATG is their Shooters Club which cost a certain amount each month, but you get a 20% discount on all courses, as well as access to the club house (still a work in progress), one range day a month and 2 seminars a month on various topics.

Lisbon, Ohio at ATG headquarters and cubic shot range. ATG is about an hour from both Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

[Who am I?]
I am a 23 yr old civilian that works on the Marcellus and Utica drill rigs in and around Western PA, Eastern OH, and WV. I have taken multiple Appleseeds, Tactical Rifle and Pistol with F2S consulting taught by Jack Leuba, Advanced Pistol with DSI, Urban Tactical Pistol with S.T.A.R.T., Tactical Rifle with ATG and CCW with ATG.

[Why Train?]
As I grew up I was taught that skill and know how trumps almost anything, so when I got into firearms I knew that I knew nothing about how to use them properly so I started with Appleseed to learn the basics of rifle marksmanship then moved from there. However training is never ending because you will never know it all the basic courses are always needed even when your really good cause the advanced is just the basics mastered.

The Course:

We had an awesome group of 5 students, Adam as the Instructor and a assistant instructor. I believe all students were civilian, and all had previously taken the CCW class since it is the prerequisite. Everyone was very competent with the safe manipulation of firearms. All of the students were shooters club members including myself.

2 glock 23's, 1 xd 9, and 2 S&W MP 9's. My glock 23 has a few stovepipes and one double feed which can all be attributed to two question aftermarket mags, they will now be my tap rack bang and lock rip run mags, good training tools. One of the MP 9s failed to go into battery fully once or twice and we had one squib load that left a bullet in the barrel (dont remember which gun), this was attributed to reloaded ammo. We also found on round that was put in the cartridge backwards in a factory box of ammo. So pretty much all the problem encountered were related to ammo or mags.

Cloudy and cold with some wind. The highest temp of the day was 34 which was in the morning, coldest was 24 which was around 3 or 4. It is always a eye opener to train in the cold with heavy coats and gloves and numb fingers. But everything went well and no one complained we actually stayed past when the class was supposed to end at 5.

Started with the Safety rules, and the 7 fundamentals of shooting. The main focus was accuracy with speed. This was a more advanced course and the basics were quickly reviewed. There was lots of shooting and moving.
Started with slow fire from 3 yrds 6 rounds drawing from the holster each time, then the same back at 7 yrds. This was the warm up to focus on and review all the fundamentals and work on tight groups. Next was starting at the 15yrd fire 4 rounds while moving forward, then start moving left fire two more reload while moving, fire on last few targets then move backwards while firing the rest of your rounds. Next was a friendly competition with El Presidente. First was the normal version then one where you had to move while reloading. All shots had to be on a 8 by 11 piece of paper or you were out of the competition. Next we did a timed reloading drill, fire 2, reload, fire 2, reload, fire 2, all while focusing on accuracy and speed. Next he would have one of us walking and he would direct to change directions then call threat and we had to turn and engage two targets. Then we did the Navy Pistol qualifications, out of the students we had 2 marksman, 2 sharpshooters, and I made expert. Next we did barricade work, worked on slicing the pie maintaining cover while engaging targets, worked on not crowding our cover. From here we went to Dynamic room entry, busting the corner clearing it then engaging targets while scanning out from the corner, with this we ran through multiple scenarios. Next we did the SEAL team standards and holy crap are those difficult I dont think any of us came close, if we slowed down and shot accurately we ran out of time if we sped up and shot fast we weren't accurate enough. Then we did some shooting from a moving vehicle which was very difficult even at 10 mph, when he slowed it down to 3mph we started making more hits. Next was shooting from the hip and striking targets. Then we did bounding over watch calling move, moving, set, and consolidate. And lastly we did left peels, right peels, advancing forward, backwards and sideways as a group.

This was a great course. ATG has been the only place that I have went to that does room entering and clearing and peels with all the students firing. At the end of the course everyone was shooting more accurately and with greater speed then when they got there. It was by far the best pistol class I have taken yet.

ATG is a newer organization and with that comes some organization problems, since I have started taking classes there they have gotten better and better. Other then that not to much to criticize.

If you live in Ohio, PA, and WV and are looking for classes and possibly an organization to join take a look at ATG (http://www.myatgworldwide.com/). ATG is a great organization, they are growing quickly and have a lot knowledge, enthusiasm, and they have big plans, their name is ATG WORLDWIDE for a reason.

Much Thanks to Adam for providing such high quality courses and being such a great instructor, and a Thank you to Kari for helping get things ready organized and helping students when ever she saw mistakes or problems. Thank you both! And I look forward to training with you again.
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