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Posted: 10/7/2008 3:51:30 AM EST
EAG conducted an LWRCI Carbine class at the ATS facility, Camp Ares FL, 04-06Oct 2008.
This was an open enrollment class, and LWRCI guns were not required. Both LWRCI and EAG had loaner guns available.
Like all of my open enrollment classes, this was a combination of Military, Cops and earth people. Unlike the previous NC class, we had no Heavy Units with an agenda and no brain. Consequently we moved quickly on this one.
WX was excellent, with cool nights and warm days. The flying vectors were in less abundant supply this time, but the spider population has grown…both in size and quantity.

Camp Ares is an excellent facility, and the ability to be quartered and fed onsite is a very good thing, both from a time management standpoint as well as for the après training activity.
While Stephan didn’t break out in a crying jag (or give a shot at unintended self immolation) a lot of good information was exchanged.
Primary was a shooter who gave us a Power Point and talk about his last shooting, a literal dance of death where he was shot through the face (and 7x other) but killed the bad guy, with the last 3 contact shots into the mutt’s miniscule brain.
The points here are don’t ever give up. Win the fight no matter what- and sights work, even at close range, and contrary to the theorists and analysts.
Guns: As this was an LWRCI sponsored class, many had their own LWRCI guns, though some didn’t. This wasn’t a sales pitch by LWRCI, though they did provide all hands to shoot a variety of their products. And I have to say that burning through several magazines of 6.8mm on the Group Therapy setting of a PSD was a lot of fun. A whole lot of fun….
Of my 3 LWRCI eval guns, one- #39, had some double feeds in the OK class. We tried again with a new bolt in NC, but same thing. The LWRCI guys traced it to an op rod spring which flattened out and damaged the cup. Runs well now…
My # 24 LWRCI had a combo Type 2/ Type 3 malfunction after 16850 rounds on the gun. That was the first ever. And it bothered me- until the shooter told me that he covered the ejection port with his hand.
We did have a match trigger go down on T1- a Timmeny. No surprises on a match trigger launching a democrat, and I can’t see the need or use for one on a carbine.
There were no major malfunctions in this class- sweet!
There were no major gear problems either. Of course having Ashley Burnsed and Stephan Hilliard of Blue Force Gear in the class didn’t hurt. They have some great new kit- to include a terrific war belt- in the pipeline.
The shooting in this class was way above par, and the two LWRCI guys- Jason and Joe- were at the top of the heap. At the end, Stephen Hilliard and Joe Devons were tied, but as they were industry guys, the High Shooter was Matt Edwards, a Wounded Warrior who was a single point behind the others, but who was also about one half the size of the other two…..

Thanks to Mike for his hard work in keeping the class running. Thanks to Donna for her hard work in dealing with the admin issues- and there were a whole lot with this class.
FYI, Donna goes in for eye surgery today (07Oct). If you get a chance, please send her a COMM shot.
Thanks as well to Bryan Payne- the Site Manager and Student Coordinator for ATS- for once more hosting us. The onsite cabins were good to go, and made life a lot easier
And of course special thanks to Larue Tactical, BravoCompany USA, TangoDown, Viking Tactics, Slip 2000, BlueForce Gear, H&K, Noveske, MagPul Tactical Springs and Aimpoint for continued and generous support.
We are fortunate to have such good friends in the industry. Mark Larue, who has been supplying us with optic mounts for students as a reward for shooting well (and also for replacing crappy mounts from other makers for those in need) for several years now also gives each shooter a bag containing a ‘dillo engraved with the EAG logo and “Pat Rogers Class of 2008”, Dillo Dust, hat and other goodies.
Paul Buffoni supplies a bag with one of his mags and a Lancer L5 mag, several bolt Upgrade Kits, Cap and mouse pad.
And MagPul provides each student with two PMAG’s.
That is a fair amount of useful equipment right at the beginning of the class, and we greatly appreciate that support. It helps us keep the students guns running, and cements the relationships within this industry.

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Link Posted: 10/17/2008 2:06:09 AM EST
Thanks Brother!
Posting pics exceeds my computer capability...
Link Posted: 10/17/2008 5:41:53 AM EST
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