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Posted: 1/5/2006 6:38:07 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/5/2006 6:48:21 PM EDT by spreadfirearms]
dammit i want a copy of the first two episodes. that was MY GLOCK 18 they fired!!!!!!!! (yes it really does belong to me)! notice the 4 shell casings in the air in the pic below (sorry it is sooooo big) they also fired a full auto UZI of mine. the AK wasn't mine.....

Link Posted: 1/5/2006 7:21:47 PM EDT
thought first episode is tomorrow
Link Posted: 1/5/2006 7:23:48 PM EDT
Holy Big Picture.

I'm sure A&E will sell a DVD eventually. www.aetv.com/dallas_swat/

Link Posted: 1/5/2006 7:45:03 PM EDT
Texas SWAT is on Court TV

Dallas SWAT is on A&E

Two differen shows.
Link Posted: 1/6/2006 2:51:28 AM EDT
im not sure about Dallas SWAT, i was referring to Texas SWAT. last night they showed Austin PD, Dallas PD, Irving PD, and Abilene PD. i assisted Austin SWAT with some of the filming, however slight (just trigger time at the range with a Glock 18 and UZI SMG). i didn't go out on any of their SWAT missions, just went out to the range and let them fire a few rounds.
Link Posted: 1/6/2006 6:38:55 AM EDT
I thought the show was okay, but got irritated with all of the references to "assault rifles". Mostly SKS and AK47 semi's.

Link Posted: 1/6/2006 7:07:22 AM EDT
I transferred the first epsiode of Dallas Swat last night to MPEG-2 format. I used higher quality so file size is nearly 3gb for the 1hour show.

If someone has a serious file server, I'll be happy to upload.

Link Posted: 1/6/2006 7:13:01 AM EDT
See my post in the AK Discussions regarding this show. It made me sick.
Link Posted: 1/6/2006 7:57:35 AM EDT
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