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Posted: 9/12/2003 2:41:13 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/12/2003 2:57:46 AM EDT by GaryM]
For inquiring minds...
The text is too long to paste here but this is the link to the actual bill that is now law.
What I would like to know is if military training will satisfy the requirement for handgun safety training.


and here...
Link Posted: 9/12/2003 5:36:01 AM EDT
Most likely it will not qualify...

Remember Gary, this is how they are generating money for the Sheriff's Department...

The Mandatory Training is just another form(disguise) of a Tax...

Not to mention the $100 fee for the license...

Link Posted: 9/12/2003 7:51:15 AM EDT
Any idea of when they will start taking applications? I also wonder how long it will take to 'process' an application?

I took an NRA certified safety course in college, it was only 1 credit hour, but was about 1 hour a week for a whole semester, so I hope that will count, even though it was many years ago. I just need to dig through my 'files' and find the certificate...

Link Posted: 9/12/2003 7:55:10 AM EDT
Hell, I doubt that my 40 hour firearms course will be enough for them! Remember, Democrats had their dirty little claws on this.
Link Posted: 9/12/2003 2:52:03 PM EDT
IIRC from before the veto, it was either 8 or 16 hrs. training. Mainly safety, legal issues; the qual was easy (if it the same one still). 7 meters, 75% of hits on a std. B-27 silhouette (periphials count). I think in was 20 rounds to qualify, but the course had to include something like 100 rounds practice.

This is from my memory, so YMMV.

Please correct me!
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