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Posted: 2/28/2006 1:33:23 PM EDT
I will be traveling to AZ as part of my vacation adventure and would like to know of any dirt bike trails that are worthwhile to include. It would be great if they permitted camping or were nearby camping areas. Thanks in advance.
Link Posted: 2/28/2006 2:51:57 PM EDT
Better check for fire restrictions, along with no camp fires, they may require spark arrestors on your bikes.


Hopefully it will rain and help ease the restrictions.
They designated a new level of fire danger just for us, instead of "Extreme" we have one called "Fire in the hole".
Link Posted: 2/28/2006 5:37:03 PM EDT
Thanks, good point. It has been a dry season here as well. The trip will be in late May so hopefully we'll all get enough rain before then. It sucks not being able to have a fire while camping.
Link Posted: 2/28/2006 7:56:48 PM EDT

Originally Posted By SigZiggy:
Thanks, good point. It has been a dry season here as well. The trip will be in late May so hopefully we'll all get enough rain before then. It sucks not being able to have a fire while camping.

... Sadly, we will get very little, if any, rain until the 2nd or 3rd week of July. Fire restrictions will be intact. Can you move your bike ride back to late July, August or September? The forests are beautiful, moist and green then - about the only time I venture up for recreational purposes.
Link Posted: 3/1/2006 3:52:06 AM EDT
Maybe I will make two trips then. One for sightseeing/vacation and the other for riding. Are there nice off road trails or areas in particular that anyone can recommend?
Link Posted: 3/1/2006 7:33:20 AM EDT

Link Posted: 3/1/2006 4:43:50 PM EDT
Awesome web page, thanks for the link - I registered so that I could continue my research properly! I have been looking at dual sport bikes all day . This warm weather doesn't help me want to sit in my cube at work!

Is it the end of May yet???
Link Posted: 3/1/2006 6:16:20 PM EDT
What are you riding? That'll tell me a lot about what type of trails you're looking for.
Link Posted: 3/1/2006 6:52:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/1/2006 6:55:18 PM EDT by SigZiggy]
I presently have a YZ85 and a Polaris Predator 90 (4-wheeler), and have been reading up on the Yama XT225 today as well. I have a bad habit of sporadically purchasing toys

ETA: Riding partner has a Suzuki DRZ400 and Yama YZ125.
Link Posted: 3/3/2006 5:29:14 PM EDT
In Flagstaff, I would check out the Cinders Recreation area. And make sure you have a fresh rear tire, it's loose stuff!

Check in at a ranger/ national forest service station for maps and info. Search Coconino, Prescott, and Tonto national forest on the web, lots of good info.

You'll need spark arrestors on those machines.
Link Posted: 3/3/2006 5:57:19 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/3/2006 6:31:09 PM EDT
I've been riding all over the Tonto National Forest lately. National Forest roads are a blast on my dualsported XR650R.

Link Posted: 3/3/2006 8:45:10 PM EDT
OK, I am convinced I need to go check out a Yama XT225. Thanks for all the great info. Can't wait to visit AZ now!
Link Posted: 3/3/2006 9:37:47 PM EDT
If your lookin at an XT225 then look at a Kawasaki's new 06' KLX250S. It looks like twice the bike of the XT. [never ridden either but the specs tell a story].

Link Posted: 3/5/2006 8:27:27 AM EDT
One of my favorite rides is Scottsdale to Prescott, all dirt.

Cave Creek Road, north until it turns to dirt. Hang a right to the sheeps bridge, because it's cool. Back to the main road, which becomes Bloody Basin, and cross I 17. Up to Crown King for lunch, then north to Prescott on the Senator Highway.

I'm always up for dual-sport ride, if the schedule permits.

Link Posted: 3/5/2006 11:37:29 AM EDT
Rose: Is this 'picture' Roosevelt Lake from the Young Road?

Link Posted: 3/6/2006 4:52:50 PM EDT

Originally Posted By AZ_newguy:
Rose: Is this 'picture' Roosevelt Lake from the Young Road?


I'll be taking a dualsport ride from Mesa to Snowflake next Monday. Once we hit Butcher Jones Rec. area at Saguaro Lake it should be maybe 95% dirt the rest of the way. Should be a blast.
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