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Posted: 2/1/2006 8:03:59 PM EDT
Help an Ohio brother out. Please go here:


and find Paul Worthington's entry. That's my girlfriend with the EBR and IOR scope. All your clicks will be greatly appreciated!!
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 8:19:47 PM EDT
Done. Id shoot that book too if I were her

Youd be a shoein to win if you posted this in the general discussion
Link Posted: 2/1/2006 9:53:42 PM EDT

Originally Posted By JohnnyMcEldoo:
Done. Id shoot that book too if I were her

Youd be a shoein to win if you posted this in the general discussion

Thanks, man. And I took your advice. Now posted in the GD.
Link Posted: 2/2/2006 4:45:30 AM EDT
Votes added from all 4 of my machines
Link Posted: 2/2/2006 5:47:27 AM EDT
Well, since no one has said it yet. Does she have a sister?
Link Posted: 2/2/2006 8:40:57 AM EDT

Originally Posted By walther_gsp:
Well, since no one has said it yet. Does she have a sister?

Haha...just a fat brother who's balding. Sorry. She'll be flattered by your post though. Thanks a lot!
Link Posted: 2/2/2006 11:20:59 AM EDT
I voted for her.
Link Posted: 2/2/2006 11:26:36 AM EDT
Nice, I voted for her, uh you.
Link Posted: 2/2/2006 12:44:47 PM EDT
My vote is in, and with all due respect she has some nice . She is very pretty also.

Good for you man!!!
Link Posted: 2/2/2006 1:17:53 PM EDT
Got my vote, Is she a redhead or is that the sunlight? She's good looking.
Link Posted: 2/2/2006 2:23:56 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/2/2006 2:51:52 PM EDT

she is gorgeous--great pic

Link Posted: 2/2/2006 4:58:28 PM EDT
I voted again at home.
Link Posted: 2/2/2006 10:25:36 PM EDT
Thanks for all the compliments and clicks, fellows. And yes, they're...uh...large. If I had had the foresight, we would have slapped a bikini top on them and called it done.

And hey, we're in sixth place right now. If we stay there, we'll get an ACOG! (Although I wouldn't mind being bumped up to fifth (kahles scope) or more. Ha.

Thanks again.

Link Posted: 2/3/2006 4:00:06 AM EDT
One more vote.

If Calculus elicited that reaction, she's going to want to use an RPG on her diff-EQ book.

Good luck in the running.
Link Posted: 2/4/2006 5:29:57 AM EDT
she got my vote headbang.gif...im thinking there should be a repost with that bikini top for all us "supporters" out here who are helping you win an ACOG or better Diesel
Link Posted: 2/4/2006 12:35:50 PM EDT
voted for ya. Nice catch.
Link Posted: 2/4/2006 5:55:07 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/4/2006 7:52:46 PM EDT
I'm working on the latest request. She's mumbling about not being in shape right now...all the typical female things. But, I'll keep pestering her.

It's easier to get her to go to gun shows!

She's been a real ham reading all of your nice compliments. Thanks again, guys.
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 2:50:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/5/2006 2:50:54 PM EDT by Slash]
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 5:00:48 PM EDT
She says: "tell them it's in negotiations."

That means she'll do it fellows. I've been in these "negotiations" before.
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 5:46:05 PM EDT
If you have more than one person in your household that wants to vote you can delete your cookie from www.riflescopes.com and that other person can vote also.
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 6:38:59 PM EDT
She got my vote. She's a lovely woman. And she looks in fine shape from where I sit. Agree she'll want a full auto for Differential Equations.
Link Posted: 2/5/2006 7:09:28 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/5/2006 7:10:10 PM EDT by OhioEd]
HotGot my vote.
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 2:19:21 AM EDT
the vote is in.
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 3:59:19 AM EDT
voted for ya'
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 8:24:38 AM EDT
Thanks to all, again.

She did make it through differential equations. The OSU business calculus sequence includes all three classes from one text book. Hence, the blasting when it was all through. She's currently in a statistics class and breezing through...after all of the cussing and crying from the calculus.

Last night she was talking about the dietary preparations prior to donning this bikini top. God help me, again.

That dude that got the tattoo and the Cajun are cheating their asses off. I watched them both give themselves a thousand votes in twenty-four hours. I just wonder if Chris from SWFA will bust them out before the contest is over.
Link Posted: 2/6/2006 2:59:17 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/7/2006 2:13:41 PM EDT

She, I mean You got my vote.

Link Posted: 2/11/2006 9:34:27 AM EDT
Shameless bump to the top.

We're holding steady for the ACOG right now, hoping we get some more votes to hold there and the subsequent cleavage show.

Thanks for all your...uh....support.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 12:15:58 PM EDT

Originally Posted By BigW1stCav:
Shameless bump to the top.

We're holding steady for the ACOG right now, hoping we get some more votes to hold there and the subsequent cleavage show.h.gif

Thanks for all your...uh....support.

Thats what im talkin about Diesel
Link Posted: 2/13/2006 4:21:44 PM EDT
You both received my vote. I can not say anything about the C show my wife is here.
Link Posted: 2/13/2006 10:11:19 PM EDT
Add another vote, good luck.
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 8:11:02 AM EDT
All right, who dunnit? I suspect a Slash.

I'm now a Team Member. Too cool.

That bikini top just got smaller, fellas.

And please, vote your cookies off. Somebody voted themselves ahead of us yesterday (a hundred votes in a day...please....), so we are now in seventh, which is good because we would get one of those USS XOTIC scopes.

So...vote us to stay there, please, and I'll make sure to turn the furnace down a couple of hours before we start shooting the celebration photos!
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 12:18:53 PM EDT
Add another vote you lucky dog
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 3:46:02 PM EDT
Come on people help them out vote vote vote!!!!!!!!!
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 4:06:00 PM EDT
Theres a Vote for ya

Link Posted: 2/15/2006 4:55:28 PM EDT
I voted for ya... again
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 5:03:26 PM EDT
Just added mine. You need pro voters.
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 7:09:01 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/16/2006 5:51:56 AM EDT
two more votes for ya! ill c what i can do about going down to the computer lab here on campus and addin a vote from each!

Link Posted: 2/16/2006 8:37:17 AM EDT
You guys are too cool.

Thanks a bunch, Slash, for the membership.

She doesn't know it yet, but we're going bikini shopping this weekend.
Link Posted: 2/16/2006 1:58:45 PM EDT
just made it down to the library here on campus...19 more votes for the good guys/girl

Link Posted: 2/16/2006 10:19:35 PM EDT

Originally Posted By AR_DIESEL:
just made it down to the library here on campus...19 more votes for the good guys/girl


Thanks Diesel. You must have looked silly with all those family members standing in line.

Anybody a regular on any other message boards? I hate to sound like a mooch, but we've got a week to go in this damn thing. I just keep thinking....man all those bored web surfers out there...all those potential clicks.

I posted again in the GD and got a bunch of votes out of that.

Kylie says thanks for all the compliments. She's really a sweetheart and you guys have done tons for her ego!

Group hug.
Link Posted: 2/17/2006 6:00:42 PM EDT

Up to #4 as of 10pm today.

Link Posted: 2/18/2006 8:54:42 AM EDT
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 9:31:50 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Slash:
They banned my IP!!!

The website seems to be down at the moment as well. Bummer.

I read the code of conduct--I take it bikini pictures are okay with a warning in the header. So now, how do I use the photo server to post a bikini picture tonight? We're going shopping this afternoon. I need to post over in the GD forum too. Those guys want one YESTERDAY.
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 10:26:25 AM EDT
You don't get the photoserver with a bronze membership.

I will send you an IM on hosting.
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 12:17:22 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 12:47:51 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/18/2006 6:19:35 PM EDT
An appetizer is up in the Team Forum, though I am handicapped on how to make the link/photo hot. Regardless, the link is there.
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