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Posted: 1/25/2006 2:03:54 PM EDT
Who has the best M1 Garand clips at a good price?
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 2:07:26 PM EDT
Buy the CMP Greek ammo on clips in bandoleers....
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 2:09:09 PM EDT
my Garand is 7.62
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 2:09:52 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 2:43:03 PM EDT

Originally Posted By spartacus2002:
my Garand is 7.62

Then buy me some greek ammo and I'll send you the clips.
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 4:35:04 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 5:26:52 PM EDT
J&G sales used to (last year) have them for .50 cents each.
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 5:30:59 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/25/2006 9:22:16 PM EDT
How many do you want?
Link Posted: 1/26/2006 2:07:28 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Maddogkiller:
How many do you want?

Link Posted: 1/26/2006 6:25:36 AM EDT
Look on eBay, there are some good deals on M1 clips there.
Link Posted: 1/26/2006 7:36:28 AM EDT
Cheapest would probably be to buy ammo loaded on the clips. I think the CMP still has a ton of the Greek ammo on clips. The Korean ammo on clips is also available.

If you just want clips, I got some form J&G Surplus. They have them for $49 per hundred and $39 per hundred if you get a minimum of 300. I got 300 for the price break. I think shipping for 300 of them was about $12 or so. I'de sell you 100 of mine, except I think it would be about the same as ordering 100 from them yourself.
Link Posted: 1/26/2006 8:30:29 AM EDT
Don't pay more than a buck for a clip. It's matter of principle.

The highest price I have seen was $400.00 each. ( of course it came with a free HRA Garand)

Link Posted: 1/26/2006 9:00:58 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/14/2006 6:42:14 PM EDT
I am late on this topic but I need to know the same question with a bit of a twist. Do the clips fit both the 30.06 and the 308 versions? Im looking at a 308 springfield right now and I would like to find more clips for it. Do they wear the same size or is that something else I gotta find?
Link Posted: 3/14/2006 7:48:39 PM EDT
I use the same en bloc clips for both '06 and 7.62 mm in individual M1 rifles chambered in the respective cartridges. HTH
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