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Posted: 12/26/2005 3:56:53 AM EDT
Howdy. For christmas my dad gave my son a Remington 1100 LW in .410 ga. It's in great shape except someone did a really sloppy job reblueing the barrell. There are drips and runs on it.

I've never dealt with a job like that. What can I do about it?

My son is 1 so no hurry--it'll be a while before he can even lift the thing and years before he's allowed to shoot it (dad's sure gonna try it out for him, though).

Link Posted: 12/26/2005 7:44:15 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/26/2005 7:45:14 AM EDT by BallisticTip]
Some good info here Refinishing, its not so hard to do at home for decent blue job.
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 7:59:13 AM EDT
DuraCoat !!!

Fun project, great results.
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 11:18:51 AM EDT
A real blued finish doesn't HAVE "drips and runs".
Sounds like someone applied a spray-on finish of some kind.

You have choices here: Strip whatever it is and apply one of Brownell's spray on-bake on finishes, or send it out for a genuine blued or parkerized finish, or send it out for one of the commercial polymer coatings.
Link Posted: 12/27/2005 2:14:37 PM EDT
On a great little shotgun like that I would have a pro reblue the barrel.
Link Posted: 12/27/2005 7:39:03 PM EDT
I would check and see if Remington would refinish the barrel.
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